Central European Electro-acoustic Workstations

The Central-European Electroacoustic Workstations project is the collaboration of the electronic music and media artist students and professors of the music academies in Krakow and Budapest. The aim of the ongoing cooperation is to create contemporary pieces for acoustic instruments and interactive computer systems.

In the first phase of the project, the electroacoustic composition students of the two universities participated in a composition workshop in Krakow, where they explored new possibilities in controlling electronic matters and the different transformations of acoustic sound effects. The workshop was realized with the engagement of the instrumental students of the Krakow Academy and was completed with a highly acclaimed concert at the AudioArt Festival in Krakow.

During the second phase of the cooperation, the Polish composers and instrumental performers travelled to Budapest for a workshop where a public concert closed the event with the compositions and electroacoustic pieces created during the workshop in Krakow.

Our report about the event can be found by clicking here.


The project was supported by the Polish-Hungarian Non-Governmental Fund



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