Ovid Retuned

This two-week workshop of the Liszt Academy during the summer of 2014 brought the younger generations closer to 10 selected eternal stories of ‘Metamorphoses’ by Ovid.

The project is one of the most comprehensive collaborations of the Liszt Academy. Featuring the contributions of actors, stage directors, instrumental, composition and conductors students from the leading music and drama universities of Italy, Poland, Croatia, Belgium, and Romania, we were able to realize a highly complex series of productions. The project became one of our most highlighted international initiations by combining the artistic tradition of multiple countries plus the most distinctive elements of the genre.

Composer participants began work on their pieces back in 2013 with the help of a joint, on-line platform. The pieces were then rehearsed by mixed chamber groups of instrumental students with the guidance of conductor students. In the meantime, students of the drama universities began rehearsals with three stage directors. With the combination of two genres, a new approach was born: the selected stories of Ovid were staged with the chamber musicians also present in the theatrical act, allowing the theatrical play and music to be showcased together in front of the audience.

The minisite of the project can be found here.


The project was an Erasmus Intensive Programme supported by the Tempus Foundation Hungary.








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