Zoltán Pad

Kodály Institute - Kecskemét Division
Born: 1980
Academic degree, university position: associate lecturer
Subjects: Solfége, Music Theory, Choir, Transposing and score reading, Kodály and his contemporaries (lecture)
1994-1998: Secondary School of Arts (Szombathely) – Specializations: Clarinet, Solfége-Music theory
1998-2004: Franz Liszt Academy of Music – diploma of Secondary School Music and Music Theory Teacher, Choir Conductor; (his professors among others: Péter Erdei, Katalin Komlós and Miklós Szabó)
2003-2004: Hochschule für Musik und Theater – Munich: choir conducting, orchestral conducting studies with the guidance of Prof. Michael Gläser, choir conductor of the Bavarian Radio Choir (DAAD scholarship)
Since September, 2004 he has been a DLA student at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music – department of choir conducting
Master classes:
He attended the master classes of Simon Carrington, Pierre Cao, Paul Crabb, János Czifra, Erik Eriksson, Max Frey, Josep Vila and Roy Wales.
Teaching activities:
Since September 2005 he has been an associate lecturer at the Zoltán Kodály Institute of Music Pedagogy of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, and has been a regular lecturer at the International Kodály Seminars
2008, February-June: Beijing Central Conservatory of Music
Master classes:
In the summer of 2005 he gave a course at the Kodály Institute with the following title: Microcosm in the Macrocosm (based on Bartók Microcosm I-VI, Piano Concerto No.2, and Concerto).
Choir conducting activities:
Since 1995 he has been the choir conductor of the Choir of Kislőd (Hungary).
While staying in Munich he had the opportunity to conduct the Madrigal Choir (of Prof. Max Frey) at a concert.
On June 17, 2004 he conducted the Himmelfahrts Oratorium of J. S. Bach, played by the Foro Regis Musica Antiqua Ensemble in Munich.
Choir membership:
Since 2001 he has been a regular member of the Purcell Choir led by György Vashegyi.
In 2002 he founded the Buxtehude Chamber Ensemble specialising on the works by Buxtehude, Schütz, Praetorius and Purcell.
Major publications:
An analysis of the reception of live and recorded music in 12-grade schools – Parlando 2003/No. 5-6.
In March 2007 he received the Audience Award at the 4th International Competition of Young Choir Conductors, and additionally received the Special Award given to the most successful Hungarian competitor.


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