Places left for the masterclasses of the Kurtág-Ligeti Workshop at the Liszt Academy

26. May 2017

31 May is the application deadline for the instrumental and composition masterclasses of the Kurtág-Ligeti Workshop - hosted at the Liszt Academy between 17 and 21 July. The courses of the 5-day workshop are open to all students and staff members of all music institutions and can also be attended by the general public as an audience.

It will be the second time that the Chamber Music Department of the Liszt Academy has organised these international masterclasses. The workshop pays tribute to György Kurtág, former Head of the Chamber Music Department for nearly 30 years, and to one of the most significant composers of the 20th century, György Ligeti. The Hungarian- and English-language courses will focus on the solo, instrumental and vocal chamber music pieces of these two composers.

The programme will follow a two-fold curriculum:

During the 5-day instrumental workshop, the courses will be held by renowned educators of the various instruments and specialisations: the pianists Gábor Csalog and András Kemenes, the viola-player Péter Bársony, the cellist György Déri, the clarinettist Csaba Klenyán, the string quartet expert, Judit Szabó and the cimbalom-player, András Szalai.  The courses are open to all students and staff members of all music institutions. Moreover, there will be a 30-hour training course for elementary and secondary school music teachers, which can be applied for at the website of the Metronóm Kht. No preliminary familiarity with György Kurtág’s works is a prerequisit for the application for the instrumental courses.

At the composition course, the attendees can perform their own works, then by jointly analysing them, the participants and their instructors will be able to find solutions to possibly arising problems together. The compositions or their excerpts will be performed by the in-house ensemble of the workshop, the Wind Quintet Budapest. Also Ligeti’s Ten pieces for Wind Quintet will be analysed jointly with the kind participation of the Wind Quintet Budapest. Besides the group courses, also individual sessions will be provided. The works of the two composers will be presented in the lectures by the composer Balázs Horváth.

The workshop is open to a public audience: anyone interested can attend the instrumental and composition courses, listen to the opening concert of the course instructors on 17 July as well as the closing concert of the participating students on 21 July.

The audience fee of the masterclasses, lectures and concerts for the general public is 1500 HUF/day, while the active participation in the courses cost 60 000 HUF. Funded places for Hungarian students are still available in a limited number.  

Application deadline for active workshop participation: 31 May, 2017.

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