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Grand Hall


Turning Point


Chamber Music Festival of the Liszt Academy

Sonata No. 4 for Cello and Piano in C major, Op. 102/1
Five Pieces in Folk Style, Op. 102
Love Songs, Op. 83
Signs, Games and Messages (excerpts)
Three Romances, Op. 94
Piano Quintet in A major, Op. 81
Artistic directors: Izabella Simon and Dénes Várjon Izabella Simon, Dénes Várjon (piano); Viviane Hagner, Zsófia Környei (violin); Tabea Zimmermann (viola); Steven Isserlis, Christoph Richter (cello); Aurél Holló (percussion)

The programme for the closing concert of kamara.hu, the chamber music festival realized under the artistic direction of Izabella Simon and Dénes Várjon, arcs from late Beethoven all the way to Kurtág. It includes such rarities as Naturale (1985), composed for viola, percussion and Sicilian folk music by Luciano Berio, and the almost unheard Dvořák song cycle of Schumann-like profundity, Love Songs. On this occasion the star cast of kamara.hu is joined by Aurél Holló from Amadinda Percussion Group; he is also active as a composer and arranger. And although the subtitle of the festival (Turning Point) refers primarily to the works and their place in the history of music, the most important lesson of the closing concert – and perhaps the entire kamara.hu festival – is that those works that can be heard in the performance by this company of superbly gifted musicians can truly be an experience of a lifetime, in other words, a chamber music festival may itself represent a turning point in our own lives.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: HUF 1 400, 2 100, 3 500, 4 900


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