2018.01.16 19.00

Tang Xianzu

Opera Exam Festival

Tang Xianzu

Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Xu Jianqiang:
Tang Xianzu
Producer/Librettist: Lin Zaiyong Featuring: Students of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music

The Liszt Academy hosts not only European performances at the fifth Opera Exam Festival but, in a ground-breaking move, there is also a Chinese production. True to the spirit of the festival, audiences can reckon on a genuine one-off this time, too: contemporary opera presents uplifting episodes from the life of Tang Xianzu, one of the most famous dramatists working in almost the same decades as Shakespeare. After Tang retired as an administrator in 1598, he devoted his life to writing. Peony Pavilion is considered his most famous piece; it was also published in the volume of his dramas, Four Dreams. The biographical opera is staged by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, one of China’s oldest conservatories of music. Composer of the production and proponent of Chinese traditions, Xu Jianqiang, teaches the Shanghai students.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: HUF 1 200



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