2018.01.18 19.00

The Medium

Opera Exam Festival

The Medium

Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Gian Carlo Menotti:
The Medium
Monica: Ayelet Kagan Baba: Noa Hope Mrs. Gobineau: Ellinor Grinberg Mrs. Nolan: Khen Rodnizky Mr. Gobineau: Netanel Silverman Toby: Ohad Letko Conductor and music director: Yuval Zorn Director: Shirit Lee-Weiss Stage and costume design, lighting: Eli Wildmann-Kaplan Piano accompaniment: Uri Brenner

Madame Flora struggles with serious alcohol dependency, she exploits her daughter and abuses her mute servant boy. She supports herself by holding bogus seances: her daughter is forced to play out the role of the deceased to gullible guests. Grief, desire, love, anger, anxiety and murder – just like in a verisimo opera. The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance present this two-act opera by Gian Carlo Menotti, which debuted in 1946 and has appeared in several film versions. The institution has maintained close professional relations with the Budapest academy since 2013, although this is the first time it is making an appearance at the Opera Exam Festival showcasing experimental productions and young singers. Production coordinators are experienced artists so the audience can once again expect a high standard ‘exam’. Conductor Yuval Zorn has appeared at London’s Covent Garden Opera and worked as conductor with the Frankfurt Opera for four years. The production is directed by the distinguished Shirit Lee-Weiss who specializes in pieces for musical theatres.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: HUF 1 200



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