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Liszt Academy, Auditorium

The Road to Success: Practice or Build Career

The Road to Success: Practice or Build Career

Arts Management Workshop at the Liszt Academy

For earlier generations being a talented, well-trained musician, you already had the key to the success, however, in the 21st century, musicians need several other skills and ideas beside their musical talent to become an internationally reclaimed artist. The right choice of repertoire and the development of unique concert projects contribute to realize your dream as a musician.

What are the most important keys to become a successful musician either pursuing a solo or a career in an ensemble? What extra steps should you take besides practicing? How can I realize my dreams and become unique in the classical music world?

The workshop is about you. It should enable you to think and work independently, making your own, unique choices to make your path to your success.


Workshop leaders:

  • Willem de Bordes is the Artistic Planning and Programming, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, NL), which is the leading string orchestra of the Netherlands with innovative programming encompassing a repertoire from baroque to contemporary, programming mainstream to neglected pieces as well.
  • Rico Gulda is the Head of Artistic Planning at the Konzerhaus Wien. As one of the most important and prestigious concert hall in Europe it invites established artists as well as rising stars from all over the world.

Both Willem and Rico have many years’ experience in programming concert seasons thus working with soloist, conductors and composers as well.

Schedule of the workshop:

Thursday 28 September, 15.00-18.00 (18:00—19:00 individual consultations)

Friday 29 September, 14.00-18.00 (18:00—19.00 individual consultations and informal gathering in B Terv afterwards)


Preparation asked:

  • Analysis of the program brochure of the Wiener Konzerthaus and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta (the exact task will be specified later)
  • Case study analysis: please choose a successful soloist, chamber music ensemble or symphony orchestra and examine why they are successful in the classical music industry.


Session 1

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of the Wiener Konzerthaus and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta and their program planning (choices of repertoire and showcases of unique projects)
  • Discussion on the program planning strategies of the Wiener Konzerthaus and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta based on their program brochures analyzed by the students as preparation
  • Overview about the present challenges and good practices at the classical music industry

Personal consultation and reception in the cafeteria of the Liszt Academy and in B-Terv later.


Session 2

  • Presentation and discussion of some interesting international success stories from a repertoire building point of view (examples are brought by the workshop leaders as well as the participants).
  • How to present myself to promoters online? How can I impress promoter so that they would invite me to play in their season?
  • Curating music: choice of concert repertoire and repertoire building
  • Creative group session on building tailor-made concert programs: create interesting concert programs for the programming structure of the Wiener Konzerthaus or the Liszt Academy
  • Creative and attractive presentation of your concert program and discussion about the creative group session

Personal consultation and reception in the cafeteria of the Liszt Academy.


The workshop will be held in English and requires registration. We would be happy if you joined the workshop, so please register here by 10 September.

The programs are tightly connected, so we please come and participate for the whole duration of the workshop.



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