Woodwinds and Brass Department


Head of Department:

György Lakatos

bassooinst, senior lecturer


Woodwinds Sub-Department

Area Leader: György Lakatos, senior lecturer
Programmes (BA, MA):
Flute, Programme Leader: Vera Oross, senior lecturer
Oboe, Programme Leader: Gábor Dienes
Clarinet, Programme Leader: Zsolt Szatmári senior lecturer
Bassoon, Programme Leader: György Lakatos associate professor

Brass Sub-Department

Area Leader: Gusztáv Hőna, university professor
Programmes (BA, MA):
French horn, Programme Leader: Zoltán Varga assistant professor
Trumpet, Programme Leader: János Kirsch senior lecturer
Trombone, Programme Leader: Gusztáv Hőna university professor
Tuba, Programme Leader: László Szabó university professor
Leader of the teacher's training programme: Zsolt Romos

Classical Percussions Sub-Department

Area Leader: Zoltán Rácz, associate professor
Programmes (BA, MA): classical percussions


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