For six years, I received the most significant part of my formal musical education at the Liszt Academy.

Sir Georg Solti

Orchestral Audition Course for Violinists by Attila Falvay



5 May 2017 (Friday), 10.00


Main Building of the Academy, Room X


One of Mozart’s violin concertos containing a cadenza (optionally: from sheet)
Previously elaborated orchestral parts (by heart) 

The course aims to familiarize the students with

Possible expectations at an orchestral audition
Successful preparation for the audition
The process of an audition
Techniques to avoid common mistakes
Etiquette at an audition

Orchestral Material

Haydn: Symphony No. 103, Movement 2 – violin solo
Mozart: Symphony in C major, K.551, Movement 2, 1-18
Mozart: Symphony in E-flat major, Movement 4, 1-41
Beethoven: Symphony No. 1. , Movement 2, 13-26
Rossini: The barber of Sevilla – Rosina’s aria
Kodály: Dances from Galánta – the last 2 pages

Only students of the Academy may participate. 

Apply at Ms. Júlia Belicza at belicza.julia[at]

Application deadline: 26 April 2017