The two Hungarians not only played music, they were themselves the music – in every nerve – down to their fingertips.

Adelheid von Schorn on Reményi and Liszt

Exam period in the 1st semester and registration for the 2nd semester (2017-2018)


(for full-time - BA and MA - students)


Students can collect their indexes (mark books) for the examination period of the 1st semester during office hours from 12 December 2017 (Tuesday) at the International Sub-Department's office (WE, Room 014).

Examination period

21 December 2017 - 31 January 2018
It is the students' obligation to have all their marks recorded and certified by the signature of their professors in their index.
Master classes: students who had completed a master class during the semester need to have it signed by their main subject teacher.
Exam period of postponed exams: 1-10 February 2018
Classes not signed by their professors will be deleted, and they will count as failed classes in the general average of grades. 

Applying for examinations

For examinations with one date only, students are registered by the administrators of the Study Department*. The time and date of the examinations are determined by the professors of the given subjects.
* Piano students, however, have to sign up for the piano examination and select their order of appearance; sign-up sheets are available at the Study Department's office (WE, Room 010, Ms. Dia Palágyi). 
For examinations with multiple dates, students can register by themselves at the International Sub-Department from 12 December 2017. Please plan ahead well in time, because the number of students per one date is limited. 
Unregistering from examinations is possible 72 hours before the examination, at the latest. 
If none of the dates are registered for, the professor in charge may deny attendance of the examination. 
Please note that failed examinations may be retaken once, for a retake examination fee. 

Second / spring semester

The first day of classes in the 2nd/Spring Semester is 1 February 2018 (Thursday). 
Registration for courses: from 24 January (Wednesday) to 20 February 2018 (Tuesday).
Every student has to register for the 2nd semester (if they want to be an active student).
All BA and MA students have to announce at the International Sub-Department which courses they take in the Spring semester. All courses (main subject, obligatory and elective courses included!) must be listed on the Course Registration Form.
Students who wish to register for a secondary instrument course, have to submit the request form until the first week of January 2018.
In order to be able to register for the next semester, tuition fees have to be transferred to the Academy's bank account until 31 January 2018. 
Credit transfer application forms can be submitted from December, submission deadline: 9 February 2018
After the registration period, it is not possible to register for new subjects and unregister from subjects. Students have to attend and finish all subjects that they have registered for.
Deadline for returning the indexes is 1 February 2018 (Thursday), 4 p.m. 
A late-submission fee is applicable if the deadline is not kept.
Olivia Gazsi 
University Registrar