Taste is a negative thing. Genius affirms and always affirms.

Franz Liszt

Information about applying for the Erasmus+ program

for inbound students


Application deadline

for the autumn, or spring semester or the whole academic year

31 March (every year) 


Online Application

(closes on March 31 each year)

Apply online: https://aec.dreamapply.com


Application material

  1. Application Form
  2. Learning Agreement
  3. CV (EN or HU)
  4. Motivation Letter (EN or HU)
  5. Recordings


ONLY sound or video streams shared via googledrive, dropbox, youtube, vimeo, etc.

DO NOT send files via filetransfer sites

please provide 2-5 pieces of different styles and/or composers that adequately demonstrate your skills: as reference, applicants may consult the admission requirements for full-time students of the adequate study level (BA or MA). Erasmus applicants do not necessarily need to meet these requirements, however, the materials listed may serve as a guide.

all applications must include a recording, even if a professor of the Liszt Academy has been contacted in advance.



Ildikó ZÁTONYI, the Erasmus+ coordinator can be contacted

Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
Zátonyi Ildikó
Study Department / International Sub-Department / Room 014
1077 Budapest
Wesselényi utca 52.


Applicants from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (Israel) and Tbilisi State Conservatoire (Georgia) in the framework of the International Credit Mobility program (KA 107) must ALWAYS submit their application to the international coordinator (Jerusalem: Roni Ben-Dov / roni[at]jamd.ac.il; Tbilisi: Nana Sharikadze / Nana Sharikadze inter[at]conservatoire.edu.ge) at their home institution. Applications sent directly by students without the pre-selection process at the sending institution are not accepted.


Preliminary feedback regarding your application material may be received from professors and the department, in which case applicants are notified via e-mail in April-May. However, the final decision is made in late June / early July after the entrance examinations and the Academy's final departmental meetings are held.


Important information


Application Form / Learning Agreement

Only full and complete application forms and learning agreements are accepted.


Study Period

As the academic year at the Liszt Academy consists of two semesters, if possible, applicants are expected to spend a full semester or a whole academic year (as opposed to 3 or 9 months, etc.). The academic calendar can be found by clicking here.

Fall/autumn/1st semester: September-January

Spring/2nd semester: February-June


Study plan

Please download and read the relevant study plan/curriculum and then fill in the forms according to the information available.

Codes, full names and number of credits of all subjects must be indicated.

Erasmus applicants are welcome to choose any course listed in their study program's curriculum if the course is available in the given academic year. For example: 3rd year BA students may sign up for a course intended for 1st year students.



It cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to attend all of the courses that you indicated in your learning agreement if there are not enough English speaking students starting the same study programme in that given academic year.

Course descriptions can be found here.


Specific Subjects



Vocal Studies

Please note that due to the nature of the vocal programs, Erasmus students are not allowed to sign up for the following courses:

Performing on Stage
Study of Operatic Roles
Study of Musical Styles
Performing on Stage


Pedagogy, Methodology, Psychology Courses

The Academy does not provide pedagogy, methodology, and psychology courses in English.


Secondary Instruments

If you wish to study a secondary instrument, please consider the following:

- your request needs to be indicated in the learning agreement in advance

- you must at least be on a BA level in that specific instrument

- in case of a successful application, your request is reconsidered based on the current capacity of secondary instrument professors in early September


Chamber Music, String Quartet, Contemporary Ensemble

If you requested to attend any of the lessons above and you are admitted to the Academy, please be aware of the fact that once you are assigned to a group, you are not allowed to cancel it.

Group arrangements are usually only finalized in mid-September.

Please note that participation in chamber music groups and lessons is only allowed if you are guaranteed to stay for full semesters (September-January and/or February-June). As closing department concerts are essential parts of the curriculum, all members of chamber music groups are obliged to perform at the end of the semesters.


Elective Courses

The final list of elective courses available to international students in English is usually announced in late June. Until then, it is suggested that you indicate the number of credits you expect to receive.

The curriculum of elective courses can be downloaded from here.


Credit System

It is possible that the Academy's credit system may differ from the one in your home institution. Before applying, please always consult your coordinator to make sure that your number of credits and/or lessons will be accepted as equivalents to your institution's subjects.

It is very important that it is your home institution that transfers and validates the number of credits and type of subjects the Academy provides you. Therefore, only the exact names of subjects and number of credits can and will be indicated in your Learning Agreements and Transcript of Studies.

For Erasmus students there is not minimum or maximum number of credits determined by the Academy. It is always defined by home institutions. It is solely your decision and responsibility that you sign up for all the subjects that are necessary for your studies in advance. If in doubt, please consult your coordinator.

Erasmus students, however, are obliged to complete at least their main subject course to validate their semester.



You must adapt to the rules and regulations of the Academy, therefore you must undergo the relevant examinations or other forms of assessment expected by your teachers. Please always consult them and your home institution if in doubt.

Please note that Erasmus+ students must notify the International Sub-Department if they wish to participate in the main subject examination at the end of the semester(s). The relevant department has to approve of these requests in advance. Therefore, Erasmus exchange students have the option of taking the midterm and final main subject jury exam at the Liszt Academy or at their home instituion. In case students choose the latter, they will receive a grade based on the overall performance during the semester.


Main Subject Teacher

Applicants are encouraged to indicate their teacher preference that will be considered when assigning students to professors. Please note that these requests cannot always be fulfilled, however all students admitted will be assigned to a professor appointed by the relevant department.

Once you are assigned to a teacher, please note that you are only allowed to change teachers in the next semester.



Temporary student certificates are issued by the International Sub-Department and can be used as student cards which are, however, valid only for 2 months and need to be renewed. The temporary student certificate makes you eligible for a number of benefits, like using public transport for a reduced price, buying museum and concert tickets cheaper, etc.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you request and bring your validated International Student Card (ISIC) or your student card issued by the sending instituiton.

Passport or National Identity Card

European Health Insurance Card   


Accommodation in Budapest

The Liszt Academy cannot provide accommodation for international students, students have to find their accommodation individually. The International Sub-Department's Office, however, is doing its best to give assistance in finding an apartment that suits the needs of each student. The staff is constantly working on putting together a list of apartments that are close to the Academy and also provide students with a possibility to practice. The list is made available to all new students until mid-July.

Pages that may be useful when looking for apartments:

Short term


Long term



For details, please see this page.


Legal Issues

For information about Residence Permit, please see the section entitled Residence Permit for Citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) on this page: http://en.lfze.hu/study/admission/visa_residency_permit