Technique should create itself from spirit not from mechanics.

Franz Liszt to Lina Raman

Competition of Symphonic Composition 2021

Application deadline: 31 July 2021

A versenyre max. 15 perces szimfonikus művekkel lehet nevezni.

The competition requires the composition of a symphonic piece, of maximum 15 minutes duration. The instrumentation must comprise the following instruments, which can be used in full or partially:

  • 2 flutes (2° also piccolo)
  • 2 oboes (2° also English horn)
  • 2 clarinets (2° also bass clarinet)
  • 2 bassoons
  • 2 horns
  • 2 trumpets
  • Timpani (1 musician)
  • Percussions (2 musicians)
  • Harp
  • Celeste
  • Strings (10,8,6,5,3)
  • Electronic (1 player): pre-recorded material or sampler, live electronics is not permitted.

It is permitted to include a mid-range voice either female or male.

Furthermore, under penalty of exclusion from the competition, the submitted score must be original and unpublished. It must never have been presented in other competitions, performed in public concerts,distributed via the web, broadcasted by radio and / or television, nor recorded for commercial use.

The competition is open to composers of any nationality and is without age limit.


  • Anders Hillborg (chairman)
  • Silvia Colasanti
  • Mauro Montalbetti
  • Giovanni Sollima
  • Jonathan Webb
  • Alberto Batisti
  • Paolo Cognetti

Registration fee: 100 euro