...a country (Hungary) whose population, even today, is barely over ten million has produced so many musicians and so much outstanding music. I am grateful for having been born and trained there.

Sir Georg Solti

Hubay Prize – In memory of Dénes Kovács

24 January 2020

The Violin Sub-Department of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music announces a competition for MA students, to be held on 15 April 2020. The winner will receive the Hubay Prize. The competition will take place at the Chamber Hall of the Old Academy.

The competition, which once was held every year, was revived in the 1970s by Dénes Kovács, on the model of the Reményi and Hubay Prizes.

With this competition we pay our respect to the memory of Dénes Kovács and remember his excellence as a world-renowned violinist and former president of the Liszt Academy, on the 90th anniversary of his birthday. We announce this competition in his memory.


Competition programme for the Hubay Prize:

One Hubay piece from the following:

  • op. 64 no. 2
  • op. 64 no. 5
  • Zephir (op. 30 no. 5)


  • Romance in F major, op. 50
  • Romance in G major, op. 40


  • Rondo in C major, K. 373
  • Rondo in B-flat major, K. 269


The opening movement of a violin concerto (after Beethoven) – if playing Bartók violin concerto no. 1, both movements should be played; if playing Shostakovich violin concerto no. 1, the 1st and 2nd movements should be played!



Please apply by 28 February 2020 to Imola Gál, department administrator at gal.imola[at]zeneakademia.hu.