The two Hungarians not only played music, they were themselves the music – in every nerve – down to their fingertips.

Adelheid von Schorn on Reményi and Liszt

Lukács Pál National Viola Competition 2019

Lukács Pál violist, who established the viola education in the Hungarian higher education, would be having his 100th birthday on 27 April 2019. To commemorate the late master's life-work the Strings Department of the Liszt Academy holds a competition in his memory.


  • Hungarian or international students of a Hungarian higher education institution on BA 3, MA 1, MA 2 levels of viola, or doctoral students specializing in viola.
  • Hungarian or international graduates of BA or MA in music who received their diplomas from a higher education instituion in Hungary.
  • Persons of the Hungarian diaspora who are students of a Hungarian or an International institution of higher education on BA 3, MA1, MA2 levels of viola or doctoral students specializing in viola.
  • Persons of the Hungarian diaspora who received their BA or MA diplomas from a higher education instituion in Hungary or abroad.
  • With the support of a professor in the relevant field students of BA 1 and 2 may also apply.


Age limit:

Only people born after 1 January 1990 may participate in the competition.


Date of the competition:

29–30 April 2019


Program of the competition:


1st round:

  • Lukács: etude no.8
  • Bach: adagio and fugue in G minor or grave and fugue in A minnor or chaconne in D minor or Chromatic Fantasia
  • SÁNDOR, László: Ha folyóvíz... (2013) ("If river water...")

2nd round:

  • One selected movement from the pieces below:
    - Brahms: Sonata in F minor or Sonata in E-flat major – 1st or 2nd movement
    - Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata – 1st or 2nd movement
    - Shostakovich: Sonata – 2nd movement
    - Hindemith: Sonata – 2nd movement
  • One entire classical Stamitz- or Hoffmeister-concerto

Except for the contemporary piece and the sonata movement, all pieces must be played without sheet music.

László Sándor's piece will be sent to each applicant's e-mail address.



Winners of 1st, 2nd, 3rd place will receive a prize of altogether 600 000 HUF, in addition the jury may award special prizes and concert invitations.

The jury has the right to divide certain prizes or not award a certain prize at all.

Special prizes:

  • the special prize of Magyar Rádió [Hungarian Radio]: debut concert of the winners in the Marble Hall of Magyar Rádió in 2020
  • the gift of Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest: sheet music package of the 20th century and contemporary Hungarian composers' pieces written for viola

  • the special prize of Hungaroton: CD package


Piano accompaniment can be provided if needed which costs 10 000 HUF for the entire competition.

Accomodation is to be handled by the participants themselves.



There is no application fee for the competition.

Application deadline: 25 January 2019

Please apply for the competition by filling in the application form under the announcement.

In case of an active student status in an institution other than the Liszt Academy, please attach an enrolment certificate to the application. For graduates, please attach a copy of your diploma.


The application deadline has expired!