The point is to increase gradually the level of the understanding, cultivation and practice of musical art. This task falls particularly to the new Academy.

Liszt to Antal Augusz

Four students of the Liszt Academy performed in Warsaw

19 December 2019

Students of the Liszt Academy attended the European Music Academy Festival in Warsaw between 9 and 11 November. Róbert Erdős, Ádám Király, Sebestyén Pellet and Dominika Ács represented the university at the prestigious event.

Existing, experienced formations and chamber groups (duos, vocal-piano, trios, quartets and quintets) were invited to attend the festival. Formations were expected to perform a full-evening program at the concert. As a result of the competition, vocalist Róbert Erdős, piano students Ádám Király and Sebestyén Pellet as well as flutist and PhD student Dominika Ács traveled to Warsaw.

Dominika Ács and Ádám Király performed the 2nd movement of Lajtha's Sonata, Poulenc's Sonata and Johann Sebastian Bach's Flute Sonata in C major. The performance of Róbert Erdős and Sebestyén Pellet included Ferenc Liszt's work entitled Three Songs from Schiller’s ’William Tell’, the first three compositions of Sándor Balassa’s cycle bearing the title Songs from Rottenbiller Street and three songs by Zoltán Kodály: the Hussar’s Song (Huszárnóta), Kádár István and From Below There (Arról alúl). In his solo performance, Sebestyén Pellet played Debussy’s Reflets dans l'eau, which is part of the first series of the composer’s Images cycle, while Ádám Király performed the Prélude of Debussy's Suite bergamasque. András Csonka, programme director of the Liszt Academy, also attended the event.


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