Taste is a negative thing. Genius affirms and always affirms.

Franz Liszt

Information concerning the march concerts of the Liszt Academy

20 March 2020

Dear Audience,

We would like to inform you that in accordance with the government decree effective from 12 March, 2020, aimed at effectively combatting the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic in Europe, we will not be able to hold our scheduled performances in March. It is our objective to organize some of the cancelled performances at a later date, and we are in continued discussions with the artists concerned.

We can provide the following details concerning some of the changes related to the concerts organized by the Liszt Academy in March:


Initial dateHallName of the concertNew date
12.03.2020Grand HallBarnabás Kelemen 19.09.2020
21.03.2020Solti HallJúlia Pusker, Christoph Heesch and Marcell Szabó 22.09.2020
22.03.2020Solti HallWild Animals in Music13.12.2020
26.03.2020Solti HallFülöp Ránki 23.09.2020
27.03.2020Grand HallWiener Sängerknaben04.10.2020
28.03.2020Solti HallSTUDIO 509.11.2020
29.03.2020Grand HallJános Rolla & Liszt Academy Chamber Orchestra/218.09.2020


Tickets and season tickets already purchased for the above concerts are valid at the new date of the performance. The other March concerts and children's programmes organized by the Liszt Academy and the events of the Liszt Museum will be cancelled, we will provide information about the April concerts shortly.

If you have tickets for a concert that is not organized by the Concert Centre of the Liszt Academy, the organizers of the concert in question can provide information concerning the refund of tickets.


Refund of tickets for concerts organized by Concert Centre of the Liszt Academy:

1.   In the case of tickets purchased online for cancelled concerts organized by the Liszt Academy, our service provider, Interticket Kft. will transfer the refunded amount, you do not need to take any further action.

2.  Interticket Kft. will shortly set up an interface, which will be available on the jegy.hu website. Once the interface is completed, we will notify you immediately on our website. The refund of tickets for concerts to be organized at a new date needs to be specifically requested on this interface. Only tickets for which a refund is requested by the buyer through the dedicated interface will be refunded.

3.  You will also be able to indicate on the same interface if you do not wish to reclaim the price of your ticket for a cancelled concert, thus supporting us in organizing as many concerts as possible in the fall.

4. Tickets purchased at ticket office of the Liszt Academy will be redeemed at the point of purchase once the emergency situation declared by the Government has ended.


Please note that for the time being the refunding option only applies to tickets, we will provide information concerning compensation for season tickets for cancelled concerts at a later date.

We kindly ask for your patience regarding the redemption of tickets as it is a time consuming task for both the service provider and the Liszt Academy to manage the mass refund of such a large number of tickets.

The ticket office of the Liszt Academy will be closed until further notice; we will send you a notice once it reopens. For further information contact our staff at the kozonsegkapcsolat [at] zeneakademia [dot] hu email address.

We will announce any changes on the website and Facebook page of the Liszt Academy.


18 March 2020