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Luíz de Moura Castro piano master class

21 October 2014

Brazilian born pianist Luíz de Moura Castro is holding a master class at the Liszt Academy 21-22 November 2014, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  in Room X.


Active participation is only available for students of the Liszt Academy, but the master class is open to attend for all interested.

To apply, please contact Ms. Ágnes Szabó department administrator.

E-mail: szabo.agnes [at]

Active participants are required to send the title of the piece(s) they plan to perform.

Application deadline: 14 November 2014

Applicants may apply with any piece, but Latin American, Spanish or any romantic pieces are preferred.



Brazilian born pianist, Luíz de Moura Castro, living in the United States for decades, is the professor of the Hartford University and the Music Academy of Barcelona, board member of the American Liszt Society and a former student of Mihály Bächer between 1965 and 1967 after graduating in Brazil. The important role of his studies at the Liszt Academy in his career was often mentioned in his memoires: everything he learned from Bächer fundamentally determined his musicality and vision. Following his studies in Budapest, he returned to Brazil but soon, in 1968 he was invited by legendary Hungarian pianist, Lili Krausz, to teach at the Christian University, Texas. The invitation was an acknowledgement to the young Brazilian professor for the achievement of preparing a student from obscurity to winning a competition, chaired by Lili Krausz. By the time Lili Krausz found out who the preparing professor of the student was, the way to the Christian University was already paved.

A strange twist of fate: in 1988 de Moura Castro became head of the piano department at the Catholic University in Washington just after legendary Béla Böszörményi-Nagy, former professor of Mihály Bächer and by that time already widely recognized through the United States.

He started as a prodigy: at the age of 9 he already gave concerts. Throughout his diverse and successful career he performed on almost every important concert halls in the world, played with the most esteemed orchestras and recorded 45 albums, many of which received a prize as well (the Rachmaninoff-, Chopin- and Liszt-recordings). He is a recognized performer of many romantic composers, his Chopin interpretation is often compared to that of Rubinstein's, he is the highly acclaimed endorser of Liszt's oeuvre and initiator of many Liszt-festivals. As one of the most famous artists of South America, he is also the enthusiastic promoter of the continent's music.