The least important are not forbidden to dream of great things, and even modestly to aim at them, according to the measure of their abilities.

Liszt to Antal Augusz

Success of Ildikó Rozsonits in Munich

At the 19 th Munichener Klavierpodium der Jugend International Piano Competition held in Munich between the 27 th and 30th of June in 2019, Ildikó Rozsonits—a student of Gábor Eckhardt in the School for Exceptional Young Talents—received numerous awards: the Schönen Klavierton Prize, the Jakov Flier Prize, the Preis der Juniorjury, the Budapest Musik-Preis, the Pianistenclub Prize and the prize of the Rosmarie-Theobald-Musikschule. Traditionally, there is only one main prize (no placement prizes are awarded), which was not awarded to any competitor this year, so Ildikó became the most successful participant in the competition. Our student was one of the performers at the prize winners’ concert that took place at the Nymphenburg Castle in Munich.