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Alan Walker

Classroom usage for practicing purposes

10 March 2014

Classroom usage for practicing purposes within opening hours at the Liszt Academy's building in Liszt Ferenc Square

Chief Engineer's Ruling Nr. 2/2014

In accordance with the decision made on 10 March 2014 by the Rector's Committee, the regulations regarding  classroom usage for practicing purposes within opening hours have been modified as follows.

  1. The present ruling applies to the Liszt Academy's building at 8 Liszt Ferenc Square, 1064 Budapest (hereinafter referred to as: the Building).The primary purpose of the classrooms in the Building is to provide space for scheduled classes, make-up classes, and master classes (hereinafter referred to as: education  purposes), except in cases detailed in Point 3.
  2. In cases not detailed in Point 2, practicing is possible in vacant classrooms for students of the following majors strictly for preparing for their main subject classes, provided they previously book the room for practicing purposes.

    a) double bass main subject: Room XXXI
    b) harp main subject: Room XXII
    c) organ main subject: Room XXXII., XXXIII.
    d) tuba main subject: Room XXXVIII
    e) piano main subject: Room VI., VII., VIII., XII., XIII., XIV.

  3. Classrooms can be booked for preparing for main subject classes at the Reception of the Building by submitting the student access card and picking up the classroom access card. The Reception Staff registeres the booking, the student's name, ETR code and the time of picking up and returning the classroom access card.
  4. Practicing for main subject classes in accordance with Point 3 is possible within opening hours of the Building (Monday to Saturday between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.).
  5. Practicing is not possible in classrooms not listed above and for purposes not specified in Point 3.
  6. The Maintenance Department and the Reception is responsible for the execution of the rules laid down here.
  7. The present ruling is in effect as of today until revoked.


Gergely Lakatos

Chief Engineer