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Sir Georg Solti

In-person and online education during pandemic alert

5 October 2020

Dear Professors,

Dear Students,


The Liszt Academy is planning to start the academic year with in-person classes during the pandemic alert, except for the following classes:


1.) Distance education with online classes – probably held live to keep proper interaction:

a) group lessons (5+ students),
b) Solfége and Music Theory classes.


2.) Chamber music classes can only be held in-person with max. 4 students + max. 2 teachers during the lessons.


3.) Until further notice, the following courses will be held in-person:

a) Main subject group lessons of Music Theory Department and Conducting Department,
b) Orchestra,
c) Strings Orchestra,
d) Choir, Diploma Choir, Choir Conducting Practice,
e) Wind Ensemble, Woodwind Quintet, Brass Ensemble,
f)  Big Band Practice.


The timetable may contain the place and time of a group lesson, but eventually, it will be held online. Make sure to be informed about classes held online.

If you cannot find a course in the timetable, it might not be announced in the semester or the professor of the course has not confirmed the time and place yet. Secondary Instrument will not be announced, Compulsory Piano will not be announced in certain curriculums of instruments.

If you are unsure about a course, please contact the particular professor, asking whether they will hold the class in-person or online.


Study Department