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Franz Liszt to Lina Raman

Information about the examination period of the 1st semester of the academic year 2020/21

9 December 2020

Dear Students,


Registering for the exams of the first semester in Neptun is available from 11 December (Friday).


It is the students’ individual responsibility to register for exams in the NEPTUN system for every class which is to be fulfilled with an exam based on the curriculum (please check the curriculum which corresponds to your programme).


In case students do not register for an exam, their names will not appear on the professor’s exam sheet. Students’ names on the exam sheet are an indication for the professor which students want to participate in the exam. In case students do not register for an exam, it means that they do not wish to participate in the exam. In case of not registering for an exam, receiving a grade is not possible, even if students appear at the exam. Please register for exams that need to be completed, otherwise administrator will not be able to enter grades. Registering for exams after the 72-hour window has passed or after the date of the exam has passed, is only possible if a fee of 3500 HUF is paid per missed exam registration.


Please check your curriculum and verify which subjects are to be completed with an exam (“e” in the curriculum) and which semester grade (“sg” in the curriculum) in this semester (including main subjects as well), and start planning your exam period as soon as possible by registering for the exams in NEPTUN. Exams with more dates may have a limited capacity for each date (how many people can participate at maximum). In case of these exams it is possible that one occasion becomes full and it is not possible to register anymore. Registering for exams with limited participants is only possible until 72 hours before the exam date itself. Those who do not register for any exam dates, the professor conducting the exam has the right to refuse to give a grade and to organize another exam date.


We would like to call your attention to the fact that only those subjects are available for exam registration which were registered in the beginning of the semester (September). It is also important to note that comprehensive exams (szigorlat) are also exams, so registering for comprehensive exams is also necessary. The exam schedule is available on the website: 

For further information regarding the technical aspect of registering for exams in the NEPTUN system, please see the NEPTUN guide on our website: 


In summary:

1.      Check your curriculum which registered subjects are to be completed with an exam (indicated with an ‘E’ in the curriculum)

2.      Find the date(s) for these subjects, with professor you studied with, in the exam schedule

3.      Register the exam(s) in NEPTUN in which you would like to participate


In cases of main subject exams where the requirements of completing the main subject is done by uploading examination material instead of receiving a semester grade (main subjects of flute, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin, guitar, double bass, and cello), uploading the material is necessary until the first examination day of the subject that is available. Regarding its method, information will be sent separately.


How examinations will be conducted this year (video conference, or written assignment, etc.) will be determined by the Instruction No. 20/2020. (9. XII.) of the Rector and the Chancellor, so we are kindly asking you to consult the professor of the given subject regarding the requirements of the online examination.


The general exam period starts on 19 December 2020 and lasts until 23 January 2021.


Postponed exam period for postponed exams and final exams (for extra fee of 10 000 HUF): 1 February 2020 – 6 February 2021

In case of missing registration for an exam, entering a grade is also not possible, thus the result will be an equivalent of  “signature denied” (counted as “1” in the student’s average).



The first day of the second semester is 1 February (Monday) 2021.


The registration and course registration period for the second semester starts 27 January (Thursday) and lasts until 31 January (Sunday).


During this period students are obliged to:

-          Register themselves in the NEPTUN system for the second semester, which means announcing whether students want to continue as an active or passive student.

-          Register their subjects in the NEPTUN system.


Necessary information regarding the technical aspects of the registration in the NEPTUN system is available on the Academy’s website: 


Credit transfer requests are to be submitted from December (WE room 013), submission deadline is 10 February 2021. Submitting requests after the deadline is not possible.

Submission deadline of requests to the Education Committee: 5 February 2021

Submission deadline of subject registration related matters and requests (including secondary instrument subject requests): 4 January 2021



We wish you a successful examination period!




Olivia Gazsi

Head of Study Department