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Information about the settlement form for graduating students

29 May 2019

Dear Graduating Students,


In order for you to receive your diploma, you have to prove that you have no debts towards the Academy. In order to prove this, the settlement form used until now will be electronically available in the Neptun system.

From this year, you do not have to take the paper personally to each department that is written on the form, but submit it electronically, and the library, financial department, instrumental rental office, sheet music rental office (music library), AVISO, will review it.

How to guide regarding the electronic settlement form is available at under the Downloadable documents (switch to English).


Please keep a track of your confirmation e-mails whether your form was reviewed, because only you will be able to manage this, no one will be able to warn you about possible debts.

The condition of submitting the form is not having an unpaid invoice or any debt. In case of unpaid tuition fee, instrument rental, AVISO service fee, library fee, etc. the administrator of the respective department will not be able to accept your form, so the form will be sent back to you for correction/revision, and eventually declined if the debt prevails.


For us to prepare your diploma, please start the electronic settlement form process between 30 May and 15 June.

For English language assistance please contact:[at]


Gazsi Olivia
Head of Study Department