The two Hungarians not only played music, they were themselves the music – in every nerve – down to their fingertips.

Adelheid von Schorn on Reményi and Liszt

Meetings to fix class times 2020/21 fall semester

3 September 2020

Maximum 10 students + professor(s) may participate in a meeting.

Please keep 1,5 m distance from others during the meeting.

Please make sure to wear a mask during the meeting.


Ábrahám Márta: 7 September (Monday), 08.00, Old Academy 305.

Dr. Báll Dávid: 11 September (Friday), 13.30, LF8 square in front of the entrance (if it rains, lobby)

Baranyay László: 8 September (Tuesday), 16.00, online

Csalog Gábor: 9 September (Wednesday), 20.00, online

Dobozy Borbála, Ratkó Ágnes (for BA pianists and MA accompanists): 7 September (Monday), 16.00, Old Academy room 311.

Falvay Attila: 10 September (Thursday), 15.00, Old Academy room 303.

Fülei Balázs: 9 September (Wednesday), 12.00, LF8 room XVIII.

Gulyás Márta: 10 September (Thursday), 18.00, WE52 basement aula

Hargitai Géza: 11 September (Friday), 14.00, LF8 room XVII.

Hargitai Imre: 7 September (Monday), 15.00, LF8 room XIV.

Horváth Gábor: 9 September (Wednesday) 9.00 and 11.30, LF8 Kupola

Kemenes András: 8 September (Tuesday), 17.00, LF8 square in front of the entrance

Kereskedő Tamás: 9 September (Wednesday), 9.00-13.00, LF8 room XIII.   

Kiss Péter: 11 September (Friday), 15.00, LF8 square in front of the entrance (Liszt statue)    

Klézli János: 9 September (Wednesday), 10.00, Semmelweis room 209.

Kováts Péter: 7 September (Monday), online (Messenger Group Chat)

Kurgyis András: 11 September (Friday), 12.00, LF8 lobby

Mező Péter: schedule done online (please write to peter.mezo[at]

Nagao Haruka: 10 September (Thursday), 16.00, LF8 room XV.

Némethy Attila: 7 September (Monday), 10.00, LF8 room XII.

Réti Balázs: 7 September (Monday), 9.00, LF8 room XIV. 

Somogyi Péter (Violin main subject): 10 September (Thursday), 17.00, WE52 room -124.

Somogyi Péter (Study of Orchestral Parts): 17 September (Thursday), 18.00, WE52 room -124.

Szalai András: 10 September (Thursday) 13.00, Semmelweis room 209.

Wagner Rita: 11 September (Friday), 10.00, LF8 room XVI.