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Process of diploma concert reservation 2020/21

11 September 2020

Dear Graduating Students,


Diploma concert reservation for graduating students in the academic year 2020/21, considering the pandemic situation, will be as follows.


Reservation of diploma concerts will continue to be conducted in person, however, in order to avoid large groups of people, making an appointment for the personal meeting will be neccessary.

The period of diploma concert reservations is to be between 22 September and 22 October. In person meetings will be scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday on the first week of the reservation period, and only Tuesday and Thursday from the second week forward.

Making an appointment will be possible from 15 September, 14.00, in a table that will be available in the "Diplomafoglalás" folder.

Important information about the appointment for the personal meeting:

  • please reserve only one appointment, with your FULL name,
  • please do not reserve an appointment for a time that is already taken,
  • do not delete or modify an appointment that is not yours,
  • please be on time for the meeting.


For fixing a diploma concert date, we will need to know the following details, only knowing these details will allow us to offer you potential dates, and to determine which room is suitable for each diploma concert:

  • planned programme of the concert,
  • planned performance apparatus,
  • instrument needs.


In order to carry out reservations smoothly, we are kindly asking you to prepare everything according to the above mentioned details.

Detailed descriptions and forms:

Please note that the process of administration at AVISO has changed due to COVID-19. Please see how to submit documents to AVISO here.

Best regards,

Concert and Event Management