Please allow me that, apart from my regrettable ignorance of the Hungarian language, I remain Magyar in my heart and soul from birth to the grave. As a consequence, I earnestly wish to further the progress of Hungarian music.

Liszt to Antal Augusz
Budapest Festival Orchestra

14 December 2018, 19.45-21.30

Grand Hall

Budapest Festival Orchestra

Geminiani: Concerto Grosso No. 12 in D minor (ʻLa Follia’)
Torelli: Concerto Grosso in G minor, Op. 8/6 (ʻChristmas Concerto’)
Vivaldi: Trio Sonata, RV 65 – 2. Allemanda, 3. Sarabanda
Hasse: Larinda e Vanesio – intermezzo in three parts


Yeree Suh (soprano), Fulvio Bettini (baritone)
Budapest Festival Orchestra
Artistic director and concertmaster: Midori Seiler
Baroque gestures: Sigrid T’Hooft

Presented by

Budapest Festival Orchestra


HUF 3 000, 4 000, 5 000, 7 100, 11 800