Taste is a negative thing. Genius affirms and always affirms.

Franz Liszt

Admission Requirements

The entrance examination consists of a main subject examination and a solfége examination (aural test).

Main subject


- one polyphonic piece by J.S.Bach
- one complete classical sonata
- one significant romantic piece
- one 20th century or 21th century piece
- one virtuoso etude


- one etude at a difficulty level of a Mazas etude
- a solo piece
- a movement of a concerto


- one solo piece at the choice of the candidate
- one or two piece(s) with piano accompaniment

Solfége examination (aural test)

For all candidates, the instrumental exam is followed by a solfége examination.

Aural test: singing of note intervals (up to an octave). 
Knowledge of triads: major/minor, diminished/augmented and their inversions

Informal conversation about the folk music of the candidate's country (analysis of folk songs).


Updated: 1 October 2018