The point is to increase gradually the level of the understanding, cultivation and practice of musical art. This task falls particularly to the new Academy.

Liszt to Antal Augusz
Dr. Csaba Kutnyánszky photograph: József Csapó

Dr. Csaba Kutnyánszky

Conducting Department

Conducting Technique as Main Subject

Born: 1967

Position at Liszt Academy: DLA, Head of the Conducting Department, university professor, Vice-President for Education

Taught subjects: conducting technique as main subject

1986 - 1990: University of Pécs, Faculty of Teacher Training, majoring in mathematics and music
1993 - 1995: Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music – Teacher’s Training College, Budapest – school music, music theory teaching, choral conducting
2000 - 2003 Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Doctoral School – Choral Conducting sub-programme
2005: DLA – Choral Conducting – Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.
2013: Habilitation

Master classes:
1992: Jeremy Jackman – chamber singing
2000 and 2003: János Czifra – choral conducting
2000: Howard Williams – chamber singing
2001: Simon Carrington – choral conducting
2002: Frieder Bernius – choral conducting

Teaching activities:
From 2002: professor at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, School Music teaching, teaching at the Choral Conducting Department
From 2004: Head of Choral Conducting Sub-department (Orchestral and Choral Conducting Department)
2010 – 2011 and since 2012: Head of Department (Orchestral and Choral Conducting)
Since 1st January 2012: Vice-President for Education

Research work:
1998: University of Bologna: Soros Research Scholarship, studying of baroque musical manuscripts under Professor Lorenzo Bianconi

Major concerts:
1994: participant in the International Festival of University Choirs (FICU), Valencia (with the POTE Pannonton Choir)
Since 1994: more than 500 concerts in total with UniCum Laude Vocal Group, national and international alike (Austria, Belgium, France, Iceland, Poland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Taiwan)
Since 1999: at five occasions concert in the programme of the Pécs Spring Festival (1999, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2010);
Since 2001: concerts at the Hungarian Cultural Institutes abroad (Vienna, Bucharest, Warsaw, Stuttgart, Paris); Concert at the Millennial Polish and Hungarian Bishops' Conference (with UniCum Laude Vocal Group)
2002: Christmas Concert in the assembly hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Christmas at the Hungarian Parliament (with UniCum Laude)
Since 2004: more than a hundred concerts in total with adult and student season concert pass, organized by Filharmonia Budapest Ltd.
2004: Compilation concert of works by Michael Haydn and Maximilian Stadler in the Melk Monastery (Austria) with Cappella Savaria
2005: New Year's Gala Concert (2005) and crossover concert (2009) with the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.: Zsolt Hamar
2005: DLA Concert in Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Budapest-Fasor (April 22, 2005 – UniCum Laude, Cecilia Chamber Choir)
2006: Contribution to the International Kodály Society's jubilee concert (March, 2006 – UniCum Laude)
2007: Concert in the „Essen.Original" programme of the Ungarisher Akzent (Hungarian Cultural Year), Essen (UniCum Laude)
2007: concert series in Marseilles and its province
2008: concerts at the Spring Vocal Festival, introductory lectures at various universities (March, 2008, Taiwan – UniCum Laude)
2008: Reneissance concert at the Zemplen Festival and the Sommermusik Festival, Bochum (Germany)
2009: Two concerts at the Reykholt Music Festival (Iceland), four concerts at the Polyfollia Festival (France, UniCum Laude)
2010: „Viva Venezia" – concert – from the liturgy of the St. Mark Cathedral, Venice – Cathedral of Pécs (UniCum Laude)
2010: “Incline your ear to, me Lord” – Concert for the European Broadcasting Union (live streaming – UniCum Laude)
2010: „Baroque Christmas" – concert with the Pannon Philarmonics, Pécs, Kodály Centre (UniCum Laude)
2012: Concert at the Saareema Chamber Music Festival - Kuressaare, Estonia (UniCum Laude)
2014: Jubilee Concert at the Kodály Centre, Pécs (UniCum Laude)
2015: New Year’s Concert at the Collegium Pazmaneum, Vienna (UniCum Laude)
2016: Concert at the Ars Sacra Festival at the Kodály Centre, Pécs (UniCum Laude)
2017: Church music concert – Moscow, Lutheran Cathedral (UniCum Laude)
2018: Concert at the Hungarian Academy in Rome (UniCum Laude)

Choirs, music ensembles:
1985: founder of (POTE) Pannonton Choir (later PTE Vox Medicata Chamber Choir)
1989-2008: choir director thereof
1994: choir director of Pécsvárad Women's Chamber Choir
Since 1994: founding member and artistic director of UniCum Laude Vocal Group, Pécs

Competition results (all of them with POTE's Pannonton Choir, as choir director)
1993: Choir competition, Novy Bor (Czech Republic) 1st place - mixed chorus category; Special Prize for the best performance of the compulsory work
1995: Choir competition, Budapest 1st place – gold diploma
1996: Choir competition, Karditsa (Greece) 1st place – Folklore category; 2nd place – Romanticism category
1997: Choir competition, Banská Bystrica (Slovakia) 1st place – chamber choir; 1st place – mixed chorus, Grand Prize; Special Prize - special prize from the Slovakian Minister of Culture
1998: Choir competition, Bydgoszcz (Poland) 1st place

Between 1990 and 1998: with PTE Pannonton Choir (later PTE Vox Medicata Chamber Choir) ten concert recordings and live broadcasts on the Hungarian Radio, and on a few occasions on the Spanish and the Polish National Radio
Since 1997: on five occasions recordings with UniCum Laude Vocal Group broadcasted on the Hungarian Radio; on two occasions concerts broadcasted by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
In 1998 the Hungarian Television made a portrait programme about UniCum Laude Vocal Group; in 2009 Duna Television broadcasted their Christmas concert
1996, CD: Zenélő Pécs, UniCum Laude as collab., collab. as artistic director
1999, CD: Pécsvárad Women's Chamber Choir: Zengő felett… – collab. as choir director
1999, CD: UniCum Laude: UniCum Laude – collab. as artistic director
2001, CD: UniCum Laude: Karácsony/Christmas– collab. as artistic director
2002, CD: Kresimir Debski: Nihil homine mirabilius – cantata (Poznan, PTE Vox Medicata Choir) – collab. as choir director and chorus director
2005, CD: UniCum Laude: Lamentatio– collab. as artistic director
2005, CD: Pannon Philharmonic: Highlights. collab. with UniCum Laude Énekegyüttes – as artistic director
2006, CD: Pécsváradi Női Kamarakórus: „Énekkel beszélnek…"– collab. as choir director
2007, CD: UniCum Laude: In Concert– collab. as artistic director
(Publisher of the recordings of his own choirs: Do-la Stúdió)
2011: DVD: “Music for everyone – live concert recording – as artistic director

KÓTA - Association of Hungarian Choirs and Orchestras, Committee of Arts
Founder and until 1996 member of the advisory board of the Ars Musica Foundation,
International Kodály Society (IKS) – individual membership
Vice-president of the Grande École Alma Mater Society
International Kodály Society – individual membership

Main publications, performances:
1997: „Una strada possibile della evoluzione della seconda pratica" in Contributi, (ed. Prof. Giulio Cesare Carloni), Quaderni Italo-Ungheresi n.16, Universitá degli Studi di Bologna
October, 1998: "Válaszút, vagy terelőút? - avagy a régi zene kutatásának lehetőségei Olaszországban". In Echo, Pécs,
February, 2002: „Zenei Garé" in Echo, Pécs,
March 8, 2003: Posztgraduális karvezetőképző-műhelyek (lecture and article; delivered at the 2nd Hungarian Choir directors' Conference)
2005: Lamentáció – CD leaflet, guide.
February, 2005: „Laudes organi – et laudes vox humana" – album review, in Echo, Pécs
April 18, 2008: „A reneszánsz világi zene szövegkezelési problémái" – lecture in the choir directors' workshop at the KÓTA Renaissance Professional Days in Tatabánya
2008: „Két korabeli vita a seconda practica kérdéseiről". In Párkai 80 – írások Párkai István születésnapjára, LFZE Budapest, ed. by Hartyányi Judit.
2009: „Mozart kánonjai – háttér és praxis" – lecture at the KÓTA Professional Days in Nagykanizsa
Since 2009: leader of the choir director master class at the Renaissance and Baroque Days in Keszthely
2010: „Pálóczi Horváth Ádám" – lecture at the KÓTA Choir directors' Conference
2011: „Liszt Ferenc vokális írásmódja" – lecture - Zalaegerszeg
2012: „Intonációfejlesztés a kórushangképzésben" – lecture. Győr, János Richter Secondary Music School.
2012: Introduction to the Season ticket concerts of the Philharmonia.
2014: „Choir or vocal ensemble? The structural changing of choir-life in the beginning of the 21st century” – lecture. „How can singing belong to everyone?” International Symposium on Singing in Music Education (Budapest, Zeneakadémia)
2015: „Music education in the footsteps of Zoltán Kodály and Ferenc Liszt” - lecture. „Music Education of the XXI century: frontiers and prospects” - International conference on music education. (Minsk, Belarusian State Academy of Music)
2016: „Női szerepek Bartók kórusműveiben” — lecture. Hungarian Conductors’ Conference (LFZE, Budapest)
2018: Kórusművek Weöres Sándor verseire – lecture at the Sovata Spring Festival

Prices, honours:
1990: The Hungarian Radio's Award for Excellence for the high standard recordings
1999: The Pécs-Baranya Culture Chamber's Award for Excellence for Pécsvárad Women's Chamber Choir and its choir director
1999: ‘For Pécsvárad' Medallion
2014: Pro Communitate Pécs Medallion
2018: „For Pécsvárad” Award