Taste is a negative thing. Genius affirms and always affirms.

Franz Liszt
György Lakatos

György Lakatos

Woodwind and Brass Department

Bassoon as Main Subject, Study of Orchestral Parts

Born: 1960, Kalocsa
Academic degree, university position: associate professor
He received his diploma at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 1987; bassoonist and bassoon teacher – his professors: László Hara Jr., László Hara Sr., Gábor Janota and Tibor Fülemile
Teaching activities:
1983-1985: Franz Liszt Academy of Music – Branch in Győr
1985-1987: Béla Bartók Secondary School of Music
Since 1987: Franz Liszt Academy of Music
Invited lecturer, scholarships:
1997, Paris – "Eötvös" Scholarship
2000, Oberlin (USA) – teaches and does research as a Soros scholar
2001: London
Master classes:
1997: Paris – Cité de la Music
1998: Oberlin (USA) – Conservatory of Music
1999: Szombathely – Bartók Seminar
2001: London – City University
2001: Kolozsvár (Cluj), Romania – Music Academy
2001: Szeged – Music Academy
2001: Aveiro (Portugal) – Artes de Universidade de Aveiro
2002: Győr – Music Academy
2002: Szombathely – Bartók Seminar
2004: Debrecen – Summer Academy
          Thessaloniki – Conservatory
          Sárospatak – Crescendo Summer Academy
2005: Szombathely, Bartók Seminar
          Szeged – Music Academy
          Sárospatak – Crescendo Summer Academy
2006: Thessaloniki – Conservatory
          Debrecen – Summer Academy
          Sárospatak – Crescendo Summer Academy
          Budapest – Music Plan; whole year course
2007: Manchester – Royal Northern College of Music
          Kolozsvár (Cluj), Romania – Music Academy
          Graz – Music Academy
2008: Agárd – Summer Academy
          Szeged – Music Academy
2009: RNCM (Royal Northern College of Music) – Manchester
          Georghe Dima Conservatoire – Kolozsvár (Cluj)
          Debrecen - Music Academy
          Pécs - Music Academy
2010: Bartók Festival and Seminar - Szombathely
          Faculty of Music – University of Szeged
          Richter János Music School - Győr
          University of Music - Graz
2011: RNCM (Royal Northern College of Music) - Manchester
          Faculty of Music – Széchenyi University - Győr
          Summer Master Course - Debrecen
          Summer Master Course - Sátoraljaújhely
2012: Bartók Festival and Seminar - Szombathely
          Faculty of Music – University of Szeged
          Faculty of Music – University of Győr
2013: Summer Academy- Debrecen
           Master Course   - Pécs
           Thessaloniki- Conservatory of music
2014 : Master course - Szeged
            Master course -University of Music Győr (H)
2015: Bartok Festival and Seminar - Szombathely
           Summer Academy- Debrecen
2016: Music Camp  winds course Péterfalva (Ukrayna)
           Summer Academy Hódmezővásárhely (H)
Major concerts:
Professor Lakatos has played or taught in concerts hall of almost all European countries, and has made concert tours in America, Canada and Israel as well. His repertoire covers a wide range of musical genres: from renaissance to modern pieces, performed in highest quality. His has premiered several piece of great composers and performed in Neuheim at the gala concert for the 80th Anniversary of Josef Püchner bassoon maker.
Other activities:
In 1991 Professor Lakatos established the Blue Bird Festival of Kalocsa, a charity event for the benefit of hospitalised children. Every year the best Hungarian performers contribute to the event.
He is the President of the Board of Trustees at Music Foundation of Artisjus (Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Author's Rights)
In 1994 he has established the "For the Bassoon Culture" Foundation
In 2008 he started a series in Katona Josef Theatre in Budapest, „Mese a Fabánról (Bassoon Tales)" which presents the complete Hungarian bassoon literature set in theatrical atmosphere
In 2009 he started a playful and puzzling family series, "Dzsopatán and Gásztonfild" for the Hungarian National Museum
In 2016 he started a series for families " Old tales- new tales" at BMC in Budapest
Orchestral memberships:
1983 - 2009: Orchestra of the Hungarian State Opera; since 1985: principal bassoonist of the orchestra
1988 - 2009: principal bassoonist of the Orchestra of the Budapest Philharmonic Society
1984-1987: Aquincum Wind Quintet
1983 and 1984: Principal bassoonist of the Youth World Orchestra (Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra)
Since 1994: EAR Ensemble
1997 - 2010: Trio Lignum (founding member)
Since 1997: member of the restarted New Hungarian Music Association (UMZE) Chamber Orchestra
Since  2013 head of the Corridor Bassoon Quartet
1990: Máté Hollós: A Song of Leaves Flying Upwards – JOKA PCL 8006, (contributor)
1990: Franz Schubert: Octet – Naxos
1997: M. Hollós: Dialogue with the Invisible – Pannon Classic, (soloist)
1997: ISMEAM – selected passages – HEAR Studio-Hungarian Radio HEAR 103, (contributor)
1997: István Láng: Sonata for Violin and Piano – Hungaroton HCD 31641 (contributor)
1999: Miklós Sugár: Ear movements; Short Story; Fluctus; Models; Percupicsy; Iris – Hungaroton HCD 31788 (soloist)
1999: László Tihanyi: Árnyjáték (Schattenspiel) (Shadowplay) – BMC Records BMC CD 027, (contributor)
1999: O. Neuwirth: Monologue – Deutsche Grammophon (soloist)
2000: Ágnes Lakatos: Covered by frost – BMM
2000: Bach, J. S. - Revisited – BMC Records BMC CD 043, (contributor)
2000: Contemporary Hungarian Electronic Compositions – Hungaroton HCD 31868, (contributor)
2000: László Melis: Henoch apokalipszise (The Apocalypse of Enoch) – BMC Records BMC CD 035 (contributor)
2000: Trio Midnight featuring Lee Konitz: On Track, Wellington-Universal WELL CD 2000, (contributor)
2001: Bach, J.S.: Triószonáták (Trio Sonatas) – BMC Records BMC CD 049, (contributor)
2001: Barnabás Dukay: A mélység színén (Over the face of the deep) – BMC Records BMC CD 052, (contributor)
2001: László Melis: Örmény legenda (Armenian Legend) – BMC Records BMC CD 062, (contributor)
2001: István Szigeti: Ianus – Hungaroton HCD 31955, (contributor)
2002: László Attila Band: Once upon a Time – BMC Records BMC CD 076, (contributor)
2002: Szigeti: F. Ottó Ag., Hungaroton, (soloist)
2003: S. Karg-Elert: Quintet – Hungaroton
2003: Endre Olsvay: Tengerszem (Tarn) – Hungaroton HCD 32178, (contributor)
2003: László Sáry: Tánczene (Dance Music) – BMC Records BMC CD 069, (contributor)
2003: M. Sugár: Vihar után (After the Storm); Dalok (Songs); Luxatio; Három dal... (Three Songs…); NO.2; Francia dalok (French Songs); Miniatűrök (Miniatures) – Hungaroton HCD 32180, (contributor)
2003: Trio Lignum: Offertorium – BMC Records BMC CD 090
2004: J. Rheinberger: Nonet – Hungaroton, (contributor)
2005: C. Reinecke: Sextet – Hungaroton, (contributor)
2005: Works by Faragó, Olsvay, Madarász, M. Sugár, Decsényi, Szigeti, Csemiczky – Hungaroton HCD 32347, (contributor)
2006: L. Dubrovay: Solo No. 7. – Radioton-Hungaroton, (soloist)
2006: Francaix: Trio Sonatas – Telegramm
2008: Trio Lignum: Trialogue – BMC Records BMC CD 127
2009: László Tihanyi: Triton (bassoon concerto) – BMC
2010: Mozart : Bassoon concerto in B-major Kv.191- live recording – BMC
2010: Lung-Gom- Pa- Trio Lignum-Gadó Gábor – BMC
2010:Miklós Sugár : Memories-Two chapel flowers-Trio Lignum – Hungaroton-Hcd 32656
2014: Voice and Bass -Into the groove- Corridor Bassoon Quartet – Hunnia Records
2015:Corridors- Cs. B. Tibor-Corridor Bassoon Quartet – Hunnia Records
2015: Malek Miklós : Bassoon concerto – composer edition
2015: Miklós Sugár: Supplements - Corridor Bassoon Quartet – Digital Scd 002
Awards and honours:
1984: Chamber Music Competition, Ancona (Italy) – with the Aquincum Wind Quintet: 1st Prize
1985: Wind Quintet Competition, Colmar (France) – with the Aquincum Wind Quintet: Special prize of the Jury
1987: „Best Orchestral Musician of the Year," in the Hungarian State Opera
1988: 1st Prize of the Bassoon Competition of the Hungarian Radio
Between 1993 and 1997, he was awarded four times by Artisjus (Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Author's Rights) for the interpretation of Hungarian contemporary compositions
1996: Liszt Prize
1997: Cultural Prize of the Town of Kalocsa
1998: JCI Prize
2002: "For the Town of Kalocsa" Prize
2004: Bács Kiskun County Art Prize
2004: Count György Széchenyi Prize
2005: The Medal of the "Idol Foundation" for his charitable activities in helping socially disadvantaged children and their families
2009: Summa Artium "The Patron of the Year" Prize
2012: Bartók-Pásztory Award
2016: "Freeman of Kalocsa" his native town
2018: Artisjus Prize
Elérhetőség: lakatos[kukac]kekmadar.hu

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