The pilgrimage of Liszt and Bartók

In 2013, the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music initiated a cooperation with the Geneva University of Music (Haute Ecole de Musique de Genevè). The core element of the cooperation was to display the connection between two composer geniuses and the countries of Switzerland and Hungary by presenting the legendary string quartets of Béla Bartók and the piano pieces composed under the influence of the two countries of Ferenc Liszt.

Accordingly, we organized two workshops in the two cities where string and piano students had the opportunity to embrace the relevant oeuvre of the two composers, and explore their respective relation to Geneva and Budapest. The workshops were completed with musicology lectures, and participants were able to visit cultural heritage sites of the two cities, with particular emphasis on the two composers. In addition, we developed a mobile application to guide the users around Liszt’s favourite places in Budapest. We also created a virtual exhibition where Liszt’s most emblematic items of this era can be found.

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The project was  supported by the Swiss Contribution Fund.




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