Awardees of the Bank of China scholarship

31. January 2017

The ten students receiving the scholarship of The Bank of China, sponsor of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, were handed over their grant certificates in the Grand Hall at the Award Gala on 21 January.

Applications could be submitted by highly talented Hungarian or international full-time soloist performers and chamber music formations in BA, MA and TMA programmes until the 30 November, 2016 for the 2016/17 call for the scholarship jointly facilitated by the Bank of China Hungary Zrt., the Friends of the Liszt Academy Association and Foundation and the Liszt Ferenc Academy.  The 500 000 HUF scholarship, which is to primarily cover the purchase or repair of instruments, master class and competition application fees was granted to the following students:  Dominika Ács (flute, BA III.), Dávid Csuti (double-bass, MA II.), Balázs Dolfin (violoncello, BA I.), Sára Goda (harp, BA I.), Jan Vojtek (piano, BA II.), Anna Molnár (voice, MA II.), Éva Osztrosits (violin, MA II.), Benjámin Pallagi (clarinet, MA II.), Lotti Szalai (classical guitar, Special Class for Young Talents), Zhang Zhong Shi (piano, BA I.). No chamber ensemble was awarded the scholarship committee this term.


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At the gala concert on 21 January, the President of the Liszt Academy, Dr. Andrea Vigh’s welcome address to the awardees and the audience was followed by the speeches of Guoli Tian, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Nomination Committee of the Company and Bank of China Hong Kong and by the Minister of State for Security Policy and International Cooperation, Dr István Mikola. Subsequently, the awardees delivered a gala concert: Dominika Ács (flute) and Sára Goda (harp) performed Jules Mouqet’s composition La flûte de Pan, and the pianist Zhang Zhong Shi played Kodály’s Transylvanian Lament. Then two concertos were taken to the stage: the 2nd movement of Bottesini’s Double Bass Concerto No.2 in B minor interpreted by the double bassist Dávid Csuti and the pianist Jan Vojtek, while one movement of Rodrigo’s Concerto de Aranjuez was performed by Lotti Szalai and Boross Szilva, a member of the academic staff of the Liszt Academy. The clarinetist Benjámin Pallagi played Hommage à Kodály Zoltán composed by Béla Kovács, while Molnár Anna sang Liszt’s La perla. Both pieces were accompanied by Ferenc János Szabó on the piano. The gala concert was closed with Beethoven’s Piano Trio in C minor, Op. 1 No. 3 performed by the chamber ensemble made up of Jan Vojtek (piano) Éva Osztrosits (violin) and Balázs Dolfin (violoncello).


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