How can singing belong to everyone?

04. April 2014

International Symposium on Singing in Music Education will be held on 23-27. April 2014 at Liszt Academy Concert Centre. Registration deadline: 14 April.

Schedule for Prof. Mastroianni's Master Class "Liszt and Poetry"

03. April 2014

Dr. Thomas Mastroianni, President of the American Liszt Society, will hold a two-day piano master class combined with lecture on the works of Liszt associated with literature, on 8-9 April 2014.

Further plaudits for the Ligeti-Barber album of Keller Quartet

02. April 2014

Critics of The New York Times voted it among the 25 best classical music recordings of 2013, while Belgian reviewers awarded the disc produced at ECM Records the Caecilia Prix.

Marcell Szabó wins the Szeged International Béla Bartók Piano Competition

02. April 2014

Monika Ruth Vida, who is taking the preparatory class, came second behind the second-year doctoral student of the Liszt Academy.

Gergely Devich at the Eurovision Young Musicians competition

31. March 2014

The Liszt Academy has double reason to be proud: the organizers of the competition are promoting the 15-year-old cellist of the Special School for Young Talents using our short film made at the...

Liszt piano master class

27. March 2014

Dates for the free workshops organized under the project titled "Pilgrimage of musical geniuses : 11-16 April 2014 (Geneva) & 20-24 May 2014 (Budapest).

Erasmus University Charter for 2014-2020

27. March 2014

The Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music is awarded with Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020.

Spring Doctoral Concerts in the Liszt Academy

26. March 2014

Over the course of four concerts, students of the keyboards programme of the Doctoral School of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music perform J. S. Bach’s complete Wohltemperiertes Klavier series....

Practicing opportunities for students of classical instruments at the Semmelweis Street building

20. March 2014

Gábor Hontvári is winner of this year’s Rezső Lantos choirmaster competition

20. March 2014

The Conducting and Choir Conducting Department of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and the Rezső Lantos Foundation organized the competition for young choirmasters on 16 March 2014.

From the Baroque violin to jazz improvisation

20. March 2014

Jeroen Berwaerts, Thomas Mastroianni, Simon Standage, Károly Binder and Béla Szakcsi Lakatos all hold master classes at the Liszt Academy in the coming weeks.

Kristóf Baráti and Sándor Falvai receive the 2014 Bartók-Pásztory prizes

18. March 2014

In line with tradition, the prizes reckoned to be the most important for the Hungarian music profession were presented on the birthday of Béla Bartók in the Liszt Academy.

University website of Liszt Academy renewed

17. March 2014

After nearly four years, the site accessible at and primarily designed to serve university teaching needs is being replaced by a modern website redesigned in the Liszt Academy image that...

Successes of our students at the 11th National Dohnányi Chamber Music Competition

13. March 2014

The Attitude Quartet received the outstanding award for excellence and special prize of the rector, and a further four chamber formations received awards for excellence at the competition organized...

Lecture and piano master class by Dr. Thomas Mastroianni

12. March 2014

April 8-9, 2014. between 10.00 – 18.00

Márton Vörösváry competition win

08. March 2014

The first year student at the piano department of the Liszt Academy took third place at the Young Virtuoso international music competition in Zagreb.

Looking back on the Reconnections-project

07. March 2014

The joint workshop of the Liszt Academy and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Budapest has ended with a successful concert in the Sir Georg Solti Chamber Hall.

Looking back on the Reconnections-project

07. March 2014

The joint workshop of the Liszt Academy and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Budapest has ended with a successful concert in the Sir Georg Solti Chamber Hall.

Senior lecturer of the Liszt Academy in Cambridge

05. March 2014

László Stachó, senior lecturer at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, has won a three-month research scholarship of the joint research centre for music performance of Cambridge University, Oxford...

Környei-Razvalyaeva duo achieve international success

02. March 2014

Anastasia Razvalyaeva and Miklós Környei won second prize at the 4th Concurso Ibérico de Música de Cámara con Arpa competition.


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