2018.01.19 19.00


Opera Exam Festival


Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music

Opera-patchwork on the same theme of operas by Händel, Rossini, Gluck, Haydn, Lully and Dvořák with contemporary music reflections
ARMIDA, sorceress: Judit Farkas / Erika Estefanía Avilés Fernández / Ildikó Megyimórecz / Tímea Molnár RINALDO, paladin knight: Ninh Duc Hoang Long / András Farkas THE HATE: Tímea Molnár ARGANTE, pagan warlord: Lam Chun Ting GOFFREDO, paladin knight: Róbert Erdős UBALDO, paladin knight: András Farkas Choir: Anna Fürjes, Gabriella Fenyvesi, Ágoston Cser, Bence Gulyás, Lóránt Katona, Hiroko Katoh, Laura Topolánszky Orchestration: Ákos Lustyik Intermezzos: Composer students of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music (head of department: Gyula Fekete) Scenery: students of the Metropolitan University (supervising teacher: Lili Izsák) Choreographer: Eszter Lázár Hungarian subtitle: Éva Lax, Anikó Hegedűs Accompanist associates: Mónika Baja, Zsolt Balog Director: András Almási-Tóth Head of department: Andrea Meláth Featuring: Students of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra (concertmaster: Tamás Rónaszéki, artistic director: Károly Botvay) Conductor: Szabolcs Sándor

This is not the first time that students of the Liszt Academy’s opera department under the direction of András Almási-Tóth have performed productions compiled from multiple works. This time, the story of Armida, the Saracen sorceress, is being staged, naturally in an unconventional and totally unique way: parts from no fewer than six operas – works by Lully, Händel, Gluck, Haydn, Rossini and Dvořák spanning more than 200 years – are cut and pasted alongside each other. Torquato Tasso’s Baroque epic poem Jerusalem Delivered features several episodes of love, the most famous being the story of Armida and Christian knight Rinaldo. Armida comes to kill the Crusader but instead falls in love with him and spirits him away to her magic garden. Finally, two companions rescue Rinaldo from the clutches of the Muslim witch. The story enjoyed huge popularity and over four centuries more than 15 opera productions were created out of the love between Armida and Rinaldo. Stage scenery for this production was designed by students of Budapest Metropolitan University, while orchestral accompaniment (in line with tradition) is the fruit of young composers of the Liszt Academy.

Organizer: Liszt Academy Concert Centre

Tickets: HUF 1 200



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