Location: Solti Hall

2017 December

6 19.00
Here and Now

Szőllősy–Ligeti Recital

Concert for the 10th anniversary of András Szőllősy's death
Solti Hall

Szőllősy, Ligeti

8 19.00
Jazz It!

Tibor Márkus & Equinox Septet

Time travel & record release concert with Luca Kézdy
Solti Hall

14 19.00
Talent Obliges

Mira Farkas Harp Recital

Solti Hall

Händel, Kreisler, Sarasate, Ravel

17 19.00
Chamber Music, So Close

Miklós Perényi &Miklós Spányi Bach Recital

Solti Hall

Johann Sebastian Bach

Sold out

2018 February

23 19.00
Here and Now

Live Animation – Studio 5 Composers’ Evening

Solti Hall


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