Our task is to form veritable talents who possess the necessary gifts to become masters, without attending to the ungifted mediocrity.

Liszt to Giovanni Sgambati

Admission Requirements

The entrance examination consists of a main subject examination and a solfége examination (aural test).

Main subject


- one polyphonic piece by J.S.Bach
- one complete classical sonata
- one significant romantic piece
- one 20th century or 21th century piece
- one virtuoso etude


- one etude at a difficulty level of a Mazas etude
- a solo piece
- a movement of a concerto


- one solo piece at the choice of the candidate
- one or two piece(s) with piano accompaniment

Solfége examination (aural test)

For all candidates, the instrumental exam is followed by a solfége examination.

Aural test: singing of note intervals (up to an octave). 
Knowledge of triads: major/minor, diminished/augmented and their inversions

Informal conversation about the folk music of the candidate's country (analysis of folk songs).


Updated: 1 October 2018