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General information about applications

Entrance examinations

The entrance examinations for all courses at the Liszt Academy of Music take place at the end of June and at the beginning of July. Applicants are informed about the exact date of their entrance examination during May.
The entrance examinations take place at the Liszt Academy of Music, in Budapest, Hungary. All applicants are required to appear before the Entrance Examination Committee in person for the examinations. Live streaming, video streaming, DVDs, CDs, or any other recordings are not accepted as a substitute. Dictionaries, smartphones and any other study aids cannot be used at written and oral examinations, and applicants caught cheating are immediately failed.


Entry Requirements (Diplomas, Preliminary Credit Recognition, Certificates)


General requirements of high school certificates and BA/MA diplomas: copy of the original certificate must be submitted as well as a copy of the official, certified and attested Hungarian translation, available at the following places:

- Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation,

- Hungarian representative institution of a country (e.g. consulate, embassy)

Official, not certified or attested Hungarian translations may also be accepted from any translation agencies that provide signed, stamped translations.

Hungarian translations have to be done based on the original document and NOT copies of the original document. Translations made based on copies of certificates are NOT accepted.

UPDATE (11 March 2021): Due to the pandemic situation, in 2021 the Liszt Academy is also accepting electronic, non-certified Hungarian translations done by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation (
Electronic translations done by other translation agencies are NOT accepted.

Applicants who are only applying for non-degree studies (and not applying for full-time studies) may submit the official translation in English as well.

Entry requirements for BA and Non-Degree

Applicants must submit their high school/secondary school diploma that proves that they completed at least 11 years of primary and secondary education (or 12 years if the given country's requirements state that), which also enables them to apply for studies in higher education in the issuing country.

Entry requirements for MA

It is a general rule that those who wish to apply for an MA course need to have a BA diploma in the same field of studies (eg. guitar BA - guitar MA), however there are some exceptions.

The original diplomas and their official Hungarian translations are required to be shown in person upon enrolment.

Preliminary credit recognition

All applicants wishing to pursue MA or postgraduate specialisation studies must submit a preliminary credit recognition request  to determine whether the applicant's BA or MA diploma can be accepted to apply for the MA or postgraduate specialisation programme, respectively, unless they have finished their BA or MA studies at the Liszt Academy, in the same field.

The request form, the BA or MA diploma transcript/supplement, and the course descriptions in English must be submitted attached to the application material.

1. Preliminary credit recognition info letter

2. Preliminary credit recognition request form

3. Preliminary credit recognition guide

Certificates (about diplomas)

Based on the decision of the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary, from the academic year 2015-2016, applications to the MA study programs - both state subsidized and tuition fee paying - must include the copy of the original diploma.

Certificates about the original diploma are also accepted in case the given issuing country's rule of law determines that both types of documents provide the same rights to its holder. This must be verified by providing the given country's relevant law or rule number when submitting applications.

→ Información para candidatos provenientes de España


Language of Instruction

Please note that for international students who do not speak Hungarian, only those courses are available in foreign languages (generally in English) that have their entrance examination requirements listed on the English website of the Liszt Academy of Music. Other courses are currently available in Hungarian only.

English language requirements for international applicants (non-native speakers of English)

English language requirements change starting with the application period for the 2021/2022 academic year. Please see the updated requirements below.

Applications for full-time study programmes must include the candidates’ valid TOEFL IBT language exam certificate (minimum 60 points).

Information about TOEFL IBT:

Useful TOEFL study guide

UPDATE (11 March 2021): Due to the pandemic situation, in 2021 the TOEFL IBT Home Edition test is also accepted (with minimum 60 points).
Information about TOEFL IBT Home Edition: 

(In special cases the IELTS Academic language certificate is also accepted, with a minimum score of 5.0:

For the non-degree study programme, a language exam certificate is not required.


If you still have questions, the staff at the Study Department will be glad to assist you:



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