The training I received at the Academy was difficult and at times harsh, but those who survived the experience emerged as real musicians.

Sir Georg Solti


Dear Library User,

Any natural person can use the Library with registration. Borrowing privileges are granted to professors and students of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, music teachers, and professional musicians.

The Central Library of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music has the biggest music-related collection in Hungary. The Library has 450 000 music scores, 70 000 books and 100 journals, and there is a collection of 25 000 CDs, DVDs and vinyl records at 12 Semmelweis Street.


Library News

Dear Readers! Under current provisions entering the building or the library is prohibited!

All your ongoing borrowed items have been extended till the 22nd of February 2021 - late fees accrued until 11th of November are valid. From then on, notification letters should be ignored.

In order to return your borrowed items to the library:

1) leave your borrowed items (scores, books or CDs) in the box at the reception of the main building of Liszt Academy (in Király street).

2) Please bring them in as one package, and write your name on it.

3) Please check if all of the parts are together, and the documents are in the same state as you borrowed them.

4) Make sure to write an e-mail to olvasoszolgalat[at] after you returned your borrowed items, and we will send you a confirmation email within a few days. If you have no debt towards the library we will confirm your settlement form via NEPTUN as well.

Should you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact the librarians.

Hope you are safe and healthy,
the Librarians

Security Surveillance

We inform our Visitors that a video surveillance system has been installed in the Central Library.


Contact and opening hours

Central library

Address: 1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 8.
Circulation desk: 462-4600/286, 462-4686
E-mail: olvasoszolgalat[at]
Office: +36-1/462-4686

After logging in to the system you can request the documents you wish to borrow. The requested documents are available at the service counter within 24 hour or at a pre-agreed time and date.

Opening hours change from 2 November 2020!
Opening hours:

Under current provisions entering the building or the library is prohibited!


Liszt Ferenc Research Library

Address: 1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 35., ground level

Telephone: 322-9804/124

Opening hours:
Under current provisions entering the building or the library is prohibited!


Address: 1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 35., 2nd floor

Telephone: 322-9804/112

Opening hours:
Under current provisions entering the building or the library is prohibited!


Library of the Kodály Institute

Address: 6000 Kecskemét, Kéttemplom köz 1.



  1. basic registration – free: 6 printed and 2 audio-visual documents,
  2. extended registration – 500 HUF/year: 15 printed and 5 audio-visual documents
  3. researcher's registration: 1500 HUF/year: 30 printed and 10 audio-visual documents
PhD/DLA students are entitled to extended services for the same prices.
Non-degree students are required to pay a deposit of 30.000 HUF, which can be reclaimed at the end of their programme at the library.


Copying: A4 - 25HUF/page, A3 - 50 HUF/page
Priting: A4 - 25 HUF/page, A3 - 50 HUF/page

The Library only duplicates documents exempt from copyright.

Printed document with normal loan period: 35HUF/day
Audio-visual document with normal (2 weeks) loan period: 200HUF/day
Professors and students of the Academy can borrow 20 or 50 documents, outside patrons can borrow 10 documents at a time. Those affiliated with the Academy can borrow the documents for 1 semester, outside patrons for 1 month, which can be extended once (if the document is not requested by somebody else).
The following items can be borrowed for only 1 month: orchestra materials, copies of complete works, Henle-Urtext
After the deadline for returning documents have passed, patrons cannot receive library services until the documents are returned.
1st and 2nd year BA students and 1st year MA students can borrow 3 documents for the summer, and they can only register for the following semester when they have returned these documents.
Media items in the Studio of the Central Library can only be borrowed by professors, students and staff of the Academy, and not more than 6 items. These items can be borrowed for 2 weeks. In the Media Library, 3 documents can be borrowed for 1 week.
An electronic piano with 2 headphones is available in the Reading Room within service hours. Please book time in advance at the Issue Desk in person, via e-mail or phone.
As of 4 December 2012, the library sends notification via e-mail about approaching deadlines for returning documents. From that date, there is no grace time after the deadline, which means a penalty fee is charged every day from the day after the deadline, for every document not returned.
The late fees for documents not returned until the deadline are the following:
  • Documents borrowed for 1 month / 5 months: 35 HUF/day:
  • CD/DVD: 100 HUF/day:
  • Printed documents borrowed for less than 1 month: 900 HUF/day.