Taste is a negative thing. Genius affirms and always affirms.

Franz Liszt

School for Exceptional Young Talents – Entrance Exam 2020

Dear Applicant,


Due to current pandemic situation, the entrance examinations at the Liszt Academy will take place in an unprecedented way in 2020 as applicants will not take the entrance exams in person. All teachers and applicants of the Academy have to face with the challenge that was aroused by the epidemic in Hungary. In the followings, applicants will be informed about the entrance examinations at the Liszt Academy in 2020.

Please note that the solfege part of the entrance exam has been cancelled.

Video recordings must be uploaded online to the appropriate section HERE.


Technical requirements regarding the upload of video recording:

Acceptable format of the video recording: MP4. Sound recordings or video recordings in a different format will not be taken into account during assessment.

The video recording must contain the unedited and uncut recording of the applicant’s programme. Editing, cutting, post-production of either image or sound are not allowed.

In the video recording the applicant must always be in focus, their face and hands must be visible and in focus.

The lighting of the video recording must focus on the applicant. Please avoid lightings that focus on the camera. If the applicant uses their instrument in the video recording, the instrument must be visible and audible. Please avoid any noise that might ruin the quality of the video recording.

The technical quality of the video recording will not be a significant factor during assessment.

The applicants can ask for technical help via itsupport.felveteli[at]zeneakademia.hu.

The deadline of uploadig the video recordings is 15 June 2020.


Admission Requirements

A) Main subject


  • one polyphonic piece by J.S.Bach
  • one complete classical sonata
  • one significant romantic piece
  • one 20th century or 21th century piece
  • one virtuoso etude


  • one etude at a difficulty level of a Mazas etude
  • a solo piece
  • a movement of a concerto


  • one solo piece at the choice of the candidate
  • one or two piece(s) with piano accompaniment


B) Solfége examination (aural test)

  • Aural test: singing of note intervals (up to an octave). 
  • Knowledge of triads: major/minor, diminished/augmented and their inversions
  • Informal conversation about the folk music of the candidate's country (analysis of folk songs).


For more information, please turn to the staff of the International Sub-Department.



Address: H-1077 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 52.
Phone: +36 1 462 4617
E-mail: international.office[at]lisztacademy.hu



Beatrix Kendrey
Address: H-1077 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 52.
E-mail: kendrey.beatrix[at]zeneakademia.hu