Liszt is to piano playing what Euclid is to geometry.

Alan Walker

Violin Master Training - Course Description

The master degree enables students to reach higher-levels of technique and artistry in performance upon completion of their study. With this level of education the candidates will able to function as members of various orchestras, or in chamber ensembles, or perform as soloists in a national or international setting.

The master students will be able to choose various non-compulsory subjects based on their interests and professional aspirations.

Performances with the orchestra may include operas, symphonies, contemporary works, concerto accompaniment etc.

During their studies, candidates will learn works from the baroque, Viennese classical, romantic and contemporary genres. They will also learn the standard excerpts required for orchestral auditions worldwide.

Students are tested at the orchestral exam as well.


MA I, 1st semester

  • the 1st or 2nd or 3rd-4th movement of Bartók Solo sonata and one of the following options:
  • Schubert A major Rondo D.438
    Schubert B-minor Rondo D.895
    Mozart C major Rondo Kv. 373 AND B major Rondo Kv. 269
    Mozart Haffner serenade (with cadences) Kv. 250
    Beethoven G major AND F major romance op. 50


  • a solo sonata of Ysaye and Bartók's Rhapsody No.1 or Rhapsody No.2


MA I, 2nd semester

- an outer movement of one of the pieces below:

  • Berg
  • Dohnányi No. 1/2
  • Bartók No. 2
  • Bartók No. 1 (2nd movement)
  • Szymanowsky No. 1
  • Korngold
  • Goldmark
  • Stravinsky (1st and 2nd or 3rd and 4th movements)
  • Strauss (1st and 2nd movement)
  • Shostakovich No. 1 (1st and 2nd or 3rd and 4th movements)
  • Elgar
  • Walton
  • Britten (1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd movements)
  • Viski

- One etude from the following collections:

  • Wieniawski op. 10
  • Paganini op. 1
  • Hubay 10 Études concertantes, Op.89, Six études de violon Op. 63-64


MA II, 3rd semester

A part of a piece from the semester's programme (student's choice).


MA II, 4th Semester (preparation for the graduation concert)

For the Diploma Concert  the program must consist of three pieces of contrasting styles/periods:

- J. S. Bach:

  • first two movements from a solo sonata
  • Chaconne
  • Partita in E major
  • Partita in  B minor

- One chamber music piece

  • one sonata
  • string or piano trio
  • string or piano quartet or string quintet (1st violin part)

- One full violin concerto (if a Mozart violin concerto is chosen, the candidate also needs to perform a vituoso piece)


Study of Orchestra Parts compulsory course

MA students are required to take an exam of the following in the 2nd semester of the first year:

  • Selected parts of the orchestra repertoire of the given semester
  • selected positions of the 'Orchesterspiel' repertoire collection
  • short sight reading of pieces selected by teaching staff, of certain styles announced before the exam