For six years, I received the most significant part of my formal musical education at the Liszt Academy.

Sir Georg Solti

Violoncello admission requirements for MA studies

Main subject:

  • Two dance movements or preludes from Suites in E flat major, C minor, or D major by Bach

  • One performance piece from the following:

- Davidov: At the Fountain
- Popper: Fairy Dance
- Fitzenhagen: Perpetuum mobile
- Rostropovich: Humoresque


  • Two movements (slow-fast) from one of the following concertos:

- Haydn: Concerto in D major
- Schumann: Concerto in A minor
- Dvorak: Concerto in B minor
- Tchaikovsky: Variations on a Rococo theme (in its entirety)


General Admission Requirements:

Written examination:

  • Bass harmonisation: harmonisation of a bass line of cca. 10 notes, indication of the accords with figures.
  • Analysis: formal analysis of the opening movement of a sonata from the stylistic circle of Haydn and Mozart piano sonatas.


Exam in general music studies:

  • Identification of 10 music pieces - possibly composer and title, but at least the epoch or style and identification or the genre.
  • Explanation and interpretation of 10 music terms, concepts, titles, etc.