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Sir Georg Solti

Information about instrument renewal

Dear Students,


31 January in the Autumn Semester / 31 August in the Spring Semester are the deadlines of the instrument loan period and according to the regulations you have to present your instrument at the Instrument Rental Office (for renewal or return). In case you fail to do so 30000 HUF penalty will be issued based on the director's order.


How to renew:

In case you want to renew your rental (and you are entitled to do so), first you need to transfer the total amount covering the next rental period (1 September to 31 January in the Autumn Semester / 1 February to 31 August in the Spring Semester) to the Liszt Academy’s bank account.


Bank account details: https://lfze.hu/tuition-fees 

Reference: [YOUR NAME], “instrument rental [year] February to August” or “instrument rental [year] September to January”


For students with active status/instrument:

  • 5*3000*1,27 = 19 050 HUF (Autumn Semester)
  • 7*3000*1,27 = 26 670 HUF (Spring Semester)
  • Bow/case only:
    • 5*1905 = 9 525 HUF (Autumn Semester)
    • 7*1905 = 13 335 HUF (Spring Semester)


For students with passive status/instrument:

  • 5*5000*1,27 = 31 750 HUF (Autumn Semester)
  • 7*5000*1,27 = 44 450 HUF (Spring Semester)
  • Bow/case only:
    • 5*3175 = 15 875 HUF (Autumn Semester)
    • 7*3175 = 22 225 HUF (Spring Semester)


After checking the condition of the instruments, you can renew your instrument rental by filling in an acknowledgement of receipt. The renewal must be indicated on the student’s rental folder. The student must certify the renewal with his or her signature.


Deadline for renewing instrument rentals:

31 August (for the Autumn Semester)

7 February (for the Spring Semester)


Students must always pay a late fee if the renewal takes place after the renewal deadline!


Students who are exempt from paying the rental fee in accordance with the special cases described in the rector’s circular letter (for example renting piccolo for flute-players, etc.) are still obliged to renew the rental period. Students renting instruments for free are not exempt from other obligations related to renting. In other words they must show the instruments to the person in charge in the Rental Office and sign the rental form. If the former obligations are not fulfilled by the student, they have to pay a late fee.

Students who are not renting the instruments for free for reasons specified in the rector’s circular letter, but use the form “using instruments for serving the interest of the Academy” need to fill in a new form which must be approved by their professors. The signed approval replaces the cash receipt at the time of renewal. Renewal of rental is only possible with new, valid permission.

We would like to remind you that if you do not pay according to your actual student status, the difference will be billed during the semester.


How to return:

If you do not wish to rent your instrument any longer or are no longer eligible for renting it, please, return it to the Rental Office in person. The condition of every instrument will be checked by professionals at the request of the Rental Office. If the condition is deemed to be inadequate, the Rental Office has the right to subsequently ask the student to pay the repair costs if necessary. Students certify that they have returned the instrument with their signature.


Deadline for returning instruments:

31 August (for the Autumn Semester)

7 February (for the Spring Semester)


Students must always pay a late fee if the returning takes place after the deadline!


Instrument rental office opening hours


Opening hours at the Cashier's Office:

Monday: 9:30-12:00

Tuesday: 13:00-15:00

Wednesday: 9:30-12:00

Thursday: 13:00-15:00

Friday: closed


We would like to bring it to your attention that under the Studies and Exams Code's section 15, paragraph 2, those who do not meet their payment requirements are not allowed to register for the next semester.