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Franz Liszt to Lina Raman

President’s and Chancellor’s Decree 9/2020. (VI.18) regarding the provisions during pandemic alert (excerpt)

1 July 2020

The following decree (hereafter: Decree) is issued based on the Act CCIV/2011 on National Higher Education Article 13/A (1) and The Liszt Academy of Music’s (hereafter: The Academy) Organizational and Operational Regulations Article 31 (2) j), and Article 33 (1) c) and k)


Article 1

Area of Effect

The decree affects all workers (public servants and employees) of the Academy, as well as all students of active statuses of the Academy.


Article 2

Aim of the Decree

The aim of this decree is to lay down procedural rules and methods outside of the academic year during the summer period considering the epidemiological situation in accordance with the government decrees.


Article 3

Procedural Rules

(1) The task of the study department is to ensure the possibility of online, electronic administration.

(2) The management of the Academy opens up Ligeti building (W52) between 1 July 2020 and 31 July 2020 (considering the necessary time for building and instrument maintenance), during this time practice is allowed regardless of the instrument. Practice rooms are available for reservation in the online reservation system (3rd floor only, no chamber music rooms), the maximum number of practice hours allowed are 2 with a 30 minute technical break in-between, until 8 P.M. every weekday. During practice accompaniment is not allowed. At the end of practice, users of practice rooms are obliged to leave the building and proceed according to (4).*

(3) The management of the Academy only permits international travelling and receiving international guests with individual permission.

(4) Persons entering and using the services of the buildings must adhere to the hygienic standards set, by using the hand sanitizers placed in the buildings and by wearing a mask when on common grounds with other people.


Article 4

Closing Provisions

(1) Questions not discussed in this Decree fall under the scope of the government decrees in effect and the provisions of internal regulations.

(2) Present Decree voids the previously issued President’s and Chancellor’s decrees regarding the emergency situation (1/2020.; 2/2020; 3/2020.; 4/2020.; 6/2020.; 7/2020).

(3) Present Decree comes into effect 29 June 2020 and expires 24 August 2020.


29 June 2020, Budapest


                                Dr. Andrea Vigh                                               László Zoltán Szentgyörgyvölgyi

                               President                                                                             Chancellor