Liszt is to piano playing what Euclid is to geometry.

Alan Walker

The ties are ever closer between the Liszt Academy and its Israeli partner institute

21 February 2020

It is the eighth time that the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance organize the „Reconnections” chamber music workshop with the students and teachers of both institutions. The joint classes are closing with the usual free concert on 25 February in the Solti hall.

„These years have proven us clearly that Reconnections can indeed create longlasting bridges of friendship and fruitful cooperation between our cultures, societies and artists”, tells Yacov Hadas-Handelsman, Ambassador Of The State Of Israel in Budapest in occasion of the eight Reconnections workshop.


Photo: Liszt Academy / Gábor Valuska

Dr. Andrea Vigh, president of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest, says that launched in 2013, the Reconnections Chamber Music Workshop has provided a possibility for connection through music for Hungary and Israel and has become a tradition in Budapest and in Jerusalem, as well. „Due to more than a week spent together rehearsing, creating music together constitutes the space where the dialogue between the two nations can unfold and take its final form in a unique artistic production”, she adds. The president says that the magic of chamber music lies in its complexity: it has a community building power, of which adaptability, alignment, and respect are essential elements. „All these connections are unique, momentary and do not only take place between musicians but also between the audience and artists. It’s all the result of a learning process, working together: during these ten days, rehearsals and concerts are shaping friendly communities, and while they return to different countries, they can reconnect through music at any time”, she stresses.

„I have to note that Reconnections was originally the initiative of Ilan Mor, former ambassador of the State of Izrael in Hungary – tells Dr. Yinam Leef, president of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. – He was the one who had ties with the Liszt Academy and sought us out to cooperate with it. I remember, it was a quick, enthusiastic decision, without many debates.” He tells that chamber music is the pinnacle of music making for both musicians and music teachers. „Therefore, we created a rich, engaging platform with a broad repertoire and professional time scheduling with intense rehearsals and workshops.”

„Ever since the beginning, it has been a very satisfying, successful cooperation, each year with different students and instruments: we created a tradition which is never static, but very dynamic”, stresses Mr. Leef.

„Reconnections is a real jewel, a highly positive experience, and it also grew into a highly fruitful student’s and teacher’s exchange program. It is important to state that ties became very strong between our institutions and the students from both countries have a chance to witness Jewish history in Hungary together and get acquainted with other perspectives of culture and society. This all makes the next generation more open, tolerant and interconnected”, he adds.

The patron of Reconnections 2020 is dr. Judit Varga, Minister of Justice of Hungary.

The joint classes are closing with the usual free concert on 25 February in the Solti hall.