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Information about chamber music classes in 2020/21, autumn semester

10 July 2020

Dear Students,

We are relaying information about the Chamber music and String quartet classes for 2020/21, autumn semester.


  • Chamber Music and String Quartet classes – similarly to main subject classes – are so called consecutive subjects, which means that as compulsory subject, only one course can be completed in one semester. Please see your curriculum to see how chamber music courses are to be completed.
  • Curricula in effect can be found HERE.
  • One class is 60 minutes.
  • Every student is obliged to register for the Chamber Music class in Neptun with the professor they are attending the Chamber Music class with! Participation is only possible in those classes that are registered in Neptun.
  • The schedule will be available from 3 September 2020 HERE and sent via e-mail as well.
  • According to the decision of the Chamber Music Department, from the academic year 2018/19, only students with an active status can participate in chamber music groups. Outsiders are only allowed in extreme cases, consent has to be given by the head of department.
  • By the President's decision, only chamber music groups of maximum 4 members are permitted in the 2020/21 autumn semester to comply with pandemic preventative measures.
  • Besides compulsory chamber music, all BA and MA students may complete 2 elective chamber music classes during the given study programme.


Professors avaliable for chamber music and string quartet classes:

Professors of the Chamber Music Department (available to anyone and everyone):

  • Botvay Károly
  • Csalog Gábor
  • Falvay Attila
  • Fülei Balázs
  • Gulyás Márta
  • Hargitai Géza
  • Kiss Péter
  • Kováts Péter
  • Mali Emese
  • Mező Péter
  • Monostori Gábor
  • Rolla János
  • Rónaszéki Tamás
  • Szabó Judit
  • Szalai András
  • Varga Oszkár
  • Wagner Rita

Further information about the Chamber Music Department is available HERE.


All groups must register for three professors. Register your group HERE.

  • Even if your chamber music group is not new, enter the members’ names and the professor’s name, but only after you consulted with your professor. Please only register for the one professor you want your group to stay with. Please do not register your group without consulting your professor first.
  • Please register your group only once in the above table.
  • Before registering, please read the necessary information carefully.
  • Please use the dropdown menu for entering your group's information where available.
  • It is important to note which professor of the three is the most desirable (dropdown menu: 1., 2. or 3.)


Sub-departments: percussion, harp, cimbalom, accordion, guitar, harpsichord, organ, double-bass chamber music:

It is possible to choose main subject teachers from your respective departments as a chamber music instructor. Before registering, please definitely consult said main subject teachers. Registration is available HERE.


Woodwinds groups:

Prof. Mátyás Antal is in charge of the chamber music classes for woodwinds, regarding the schedule please definitely consult him. Registration is available HERE.


Brass groups:

Please consult professors Gusztáv Hőna, Zoltán Varga and Zoltán Szőke regarding the schedule for brass chamber music groups. Registration is available HERE.


Chamber Music partner finder:

Those who do not have a partner, please register your name in the partner finder below. Please add you phone number as well, so that you can contact each other. If a group is formed through the partner finder, please delete your names from the finder. Registration is available HERE.

  • Students left with no partner(s) will be grouped by the head of department while considering the number of classes professors have.

Registration rules:

  • Registering through the above links is mandatory for EVERYONE who has compulsory chamber music class in their curriculum in the current semester.
  • Curricula in effect can be found HERE.
  • Registration deadline: 30 August 2020, Sunday midnight
  • Necessary information to be filled in: name, instrument, study programme (dropdown list), year of study (dropdown list).
  • Registering after the set deadline is not possible; the Study Department has the right to decline any related request after it.
  • The final group schedule with professors will be available HERE and sent via e-mail as well.
  • The schedule will be available from 3 September 2020.


Subject registration (only in case of chamber music and string quartet classes) is available after the announcement on 3 September:

3-5 September 2020 (Thursday-Saturday).


In the autumn semesters chamber music grades are “Semester Grade”-s, in the spring semesters they are “Exam”-s. In the last semester of ANY study programme, there is no chamber music exam, but only those groups may be exempted, where every member is graduating.

Examination rules and requirements have not changed, the information is available HERE.