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Information about the final examination for MA choir and orchestral conductors

6 March 2015

In accordance with 52. § (3) of the Academic Rules and Regulation, the final examination for MA students consists of the diploma concert and the complex oral examination.

At the complex oral examination, students of conducting are required to make a presentation about a specific professional topic relevant to their field of study. The topic of the examination needs to be approved by the head of the department (Prof. Csaba Kutnyánszky). The title of the topic and the written approval of the head of the department are to be submitted at the Study Department (Room 010, Andrea Borzi study administrator).

Submission deadline: 18 April 2016 (Monday)

Formal requirements of the complex oral examination:

  • Duration of the presentation (including the necessary live musical demonstrations): 15 to 20 minutes. During or after the presentation, the candidate must also be able to give satisfactory answers to questions proposed by the examination committee.
  • At the beginning of the examination, individual preparation is not possible.
  • Live performances demonstrating the topic of the examination are to be appropriate for the occasion, and they are to be in the following formats: vocal-piano performance or chamber music and vocal performance.
  • At least 3 copies of the sheet music of the live performances are to be handed over to the examination committee.

The date and place of the complex oral examination is to be announced later.

In accordance with § 52 (3) of the Academic Rules and Regulations, upon the student’s request it is possible to submit a graduation thesis instead of making a presentation, with the permission of the head of the department. The content of the thesis is defended at the time of the complex oral examination.


Csaba Kutnyánszky
Head of Conducting, university professor