The least important are not forbidden to dream of great things, and even modestly to aim at them, according to the measure of their abilities.

Liszt to Antal Augusz

Academic Calendar 2021/22

Autumn Semester

1–3 September 2021Confirmation of the timetable
6  September 2021First day of classes
23 October 2021National holiday – no classes
25 October – 1  November 2021Autumn Break
17 December 2021Last day of classes in December (last possible day for exams: 17 December)
20 December 2021 – 2 January 2022Winter Break
21 January 2022Last day of the Autumn Semester (Between 3 and 21 January, only main subject lessons and solfége – music theory classes are held.)


Spring Semester

1 February 2022First day of the Spring Semester
14–15 March 2022National holiday – no classes
14–19 April 2022Spring Break
4 June 2022Last day of the Spring Semester


Budapest, 12 July 2021



Dr. Andrea Vigh