The training I received at the Academy was difficult and at times harsh, but those who survived the experience emerged as real musicians.

Sir Georg Solti
Gusztáv Hőna Photo: Kata Schiller

Gusztáv Hőna

Woodwind and Brass Department

Trombone, orchestral parts

Born: 1948

University position: professor emeritus

1968-71: Teacher Training Division of the Liszt Academy, professor: András Pehl
1971-73: Franz Liszt Academy, professor: Dr. László Újfalusi
1978-79: 3-3-month scholarship, Florida State University, professor: Dr. William F. Cramer
2004: DLA degree. Dissertation:  Contemporary Hungarian Trombone Literature from Pieces Dedicated to the Author

Teaching experiences:
He has been teaching at the Liszt Academy since 1990.
Since 2001, he has been the head of the Woodwind and Brass Department.

Invited lecturer, master classes, jury:
1981: Eastern Trombone Workshop; lecture, solo recital, teaching
1982: Universität Justus-Leibig, Giessen; lecture
1983: International Trombone Reunion, Belmont College, Nashville; lecture
1983: Brass Seminar Neuhofen, Austria; master classes
1984: 2nd International Brass Congress, Indiana University, Bloomington; lectures, master classes
1986: Indiana University, Bloomington; master classes
1988: Music Academy, Malmö; lecture, master classes,
1988: Queensland University, Brisbane; jury member, lecture
1990: Boston University, Harvard University, Juilliard School of Music, University of North
1990: Carolina, Texas University and other US universities; lectures
1996: German Brass Academy; master class, teaching
1997: International Trombone Festival, Urbana-Champaign University of Illinois USA; teaching
2009: International Competition of the Moscow Conservatory for Winds and Percussion - jury
2010: Prague Spring Trombone Competition - jury
2014: Master classes - Friburg, Paris
2015: International Trombone Competition in Brno - jury

Major concerts, recordings:
1972- : member of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.
1974: foundation of the Modern Brass Ensemble
1983: foundation of the Hőna Trombone Quartet
1982: Universität Justus-Leibig, Giessen; concert
1983: International Trombone Reunion, Belmont College, Nashville; concert
1984: 2nd International Brass Congress, Indiana University, Bloomington; concert
1986: Indiana University, Bloomington; concert
1988: Music Academy, Malmö; concert with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra
1988: 1st Australian International Trombone Competition and Symposium, Queensland University, Brisbane; concerts
1989: Solo tour in the US
1990: Solo tour in the US, concerts at Boston University, Harvard University, Juilliard School of Music, University of North Carolina, Texas University and other US universities
1992: International Trombone Quartet Competition and Trombone Festival, Detmold; jury member, concert
1997: International Trombone Festival, Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois US; solo concert, teaching
1998: 100the Anniversary of the Hungarian Trombone Department. Gala concert at the Liszt Academy
2000: Anniversary concert, Liszt Academy
2003: Helsinki, International Trombone Festival
2013: The Trombone Department is 115 years old - festal concert featuring international trombonists, Liszt Academy, Grand Hall
2014: Concert tour and masterclasses with the Corpus Trombone Quartettel USA

Awards and honours:
1977: International Trombone Toulon, Bronze Medaille
1979: International Brass Competition, Ancona, 1st prize – as member of the Modern Brass Ensemble
1992: Liszt prize
2002: Artisjus Award
2010: International Trombone Association (ITA) Award given by the International Trombone Association in recognition of his distinguished career and in ackonwledgement of his impact on the world of trombone performance.


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