For six years, I received the most significant part of my formal musical education at the Liszt Academy.

Sir Georg Solti

Oratorio and Lied Singing admission requirements for MA studies

Due to the coronavirus emergency situation, entrance examinations and admission requirements are modified in 2020. Please see the red text below for the current admission requirements.

Information about the admission examinations and calculation of scores in the admission procedure in 2020 can be found here.

main subject

The candidates must submit a 20-minute video recording.

Piano accompaniment performed by an accompanist during the recording or piano accompaniment performance that can be downloaded from the internet are allowed in the video recording.

Video recording requirements:

  • art songs that differ in style and arias from oratorios or cantatas, all chosen by the candidate
  • identity of the candidate must be clearly followable in the recording
  • each piece must be recorded and submitted uncut

Via Skype conference:

  • voice production: individual warm up with the assigned teacher
  • career orientation: interview with the applicant regarding their motivation


Due to the coronavirus emergency situation, there will be no examination in music theory during the 2020 entrance examinations.





Admission requirements in 2019

Main subject

One piece is chosen by the candidate and two are chosen by the examination panel from the following:

  • One classical song.
  • Two romantic songs.
  • One art song by Bartók or by Kodály
  • One contemporary art song from the country of the applicant.
  • One 20th century art song (not Hungarian).
  • Two arias from an oratorio or a cantata.

The pieces are to be sung in their original language.

Career Orientation:
Interview with the applicant regarding their motivation

Voice production:
Individual warm up with the assigned teacher

Music and Prose Learning Skills:
Performance of one vocal piece and one prose selected by the Examination Committee after individual preparation

Theatrical skills:
Participation in situation exercise (assessing the activity of the applicant)


General Admission Requirements

Written examination

  • Bass harmonisation: harmonisation of a bass line of ca. 10 notes, indication of the accords with figures.
  • Analysis: formal analysis of the opening movement of a sonata from the stylistic circle of Haydn and Mozart piano sonatas.

Musical knowledge test

  • Identification of 10 music pieces, possibly composer and title, but at least the era, or style and genre.
  • Explanation and interpretation of 10 music terms, concepts, titles of compositions/works, etc.