Andrea Halpern (Bucknell University, USA) vendégelőadása

2022. május 20. 16.30-18.00


Andrea Halpern (Bucknell University, USA) vendégelőadása A Zeneakadémia saját szervezésű programja

Szeretettel várunk minden érdeklődőt a kognitív pszichológus, Dr. Andrea Halpern (Bucknell University, PA, USA) előadására, melynek címe „Auditory Imagery and Musical Practice."

Dr. Halpern leírása az előadásról:

Most people claim to possess auditory imagery to varying degrees. I have been studying the way the mind and brain carry out this type of memory but in this presentation, I will highlight how auditory imagery may play a role in musical tasks. For instance, conductors and performers often engage in mental rehearsal that uses auditory as well as other kinds of imagery. But even nonmusicians sing and can tap along to music, and these everyday musical skills are correlated with auditory imagery ability. This illustrates an important mental pathway in perceiving and producing music. I will discuss how some established musical pedagogies call upon this skill, and describe some studies looking at whether training in auditory imagery can benefit the accurate singing, and vice-versa.